SiteSearch 5.0 Rearchitecture

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13 nov. 2013 (il y a 8 années et 3 mois)

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SiteSearch 5.0 Rearchitecture

Presented by Ralph LeVan


This information was presented by Ralph LeVan and addressed the need for a rearchitecture
of the SiteSearch toolkit in order to keep current with new technologies and standards that are
ow prevalent in today’s software market.

The rearchitecture of the existing SiteSearch toolkit would provide a continued advancement
in technology and functionality for the current SiteSearch customers.

New Technologies

The new technologies and standar
ds to be followed in the SiteSearch 5.0 Rearchitecture:

Web Servers Apache and iPlanet (formerly Netscape) and their embedded support of the
Sun Java Servlet 2.2 API and Sun JavaServer Pages 1.1 specification.

Java Servlets and Java Beans will enable exec
ution within the web server, thus improving
performance and creating a better object based component architecture. WebZ and the
JaSSI Server functionality will be replaced with Servlets and Beans and no longer be
contained in a separate server.

Java Servle
ts will make customization changes to the toolkit very simple. The added
advantage is Sun’s documentation and the availability of books, tutorials, and software

JavaServer Pages 1.1 (JSPs) technology provides an extensible way to provide dynamic

content for a Web client. Again, the added advantage is Sun’s documentation and the
availability of books, tutorials, and software examples.

Java Authentication and Authorization Service 1.0 (JAAS) will replace the existing
Access Server for enabling and
enforcing authentication upon users.

Controller (MVC) Architecture is used to divide functionality among
objects involved in maintaining and presenting data so as to minimize the coupling
between the objects. This abstraction helps break up appl
ications into logical components
that can be architected more easily.

The new database engine is Pears. The Pears Database software written purely in Java
will greatly simplify the use of our current DatabaseBuilder software. Instead of the
platform depen
dent Newton software with the TTY interface; Pears provides platform
independence, a GUI interface, Unicode support, and a more simplified and extensible

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