Genetic Engineering


11 déc. 2012 (il y a 6 années et 4 mois)

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There are many applications of Genetic Engineering in medicine and healthcare
alone. Progress in this field has had a great impact in technology in many ways and
contributed to benefiting manki
nd. Many medicines and treatments are only
available because of Genetic Engineering. Using Genetic Engineering in medicine
has the potential to do things that certain drugs can’t.

It is your group’s job to research these current treatments and potential
promises. Your group will research and present a 15
25 slide power point
presentation of your research to the rest of the class. Your research will consist of
the following:

Beginning steps taken in medicine advancement involving Genetic

neering (basic history; how and when did this begin?).

Specific medicines that are currently in use due to this advancement.

Current examples of successes/failures in the attempt to manufacture.

new medicines due to Genetic Engineering, and any side
effects from

patients who have used these medicines.

Pros & Cons that your group concluded from your research.

Ethical issues/dilemmas facing this issue.

This project is worth 50 points. You will be graded according to the rubric
available in the W
eb quest.

Incorporating animations, videos, and other forms of media to support your
research is STRONGLY suggested.

Resources specifically for your subject area can also be found on the Web quest.
Feel free to use other resources, as long as they are s
cientifically accurate and
approved. (Government websites, National science websites, Educational
websites, etc.., no Wikipedia!)