Is Genetic Engineering Playing God?


14 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 1 mois)

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Do you have a hereditary disease in your

What if genetic engineering could take that risk

Would altering DNA be playing God?

The quantum mechanical effects that occur
within the microtubules of the neuron are
amplified to affect conscious decisions and
actions. When the effects are amplified, a
percentage of daily conscious decisions and/or
events will be left to random probability.

Hence, genetic engineering is not playing God,
because humanity cannot control every aspect
of life.

Overall: to explain how genetic engineering is
not playing God using Quantum Theory

Specific: to show how the quantum effects are
amplified and affect conscious decisions using
the domino effect

Microtubules responsible for information

Due to Quantum mechanics, atoms of the
microtubules are oscillating randomly

conscious state

Once oscillation reaches certain threshold
(quantum gravity), the self
reduction or
collapse of the protein subunit occurs giving
rise to other reductions.

The domino
effect in the microtubules affect
conscious thought

Though sequence is random

For example:

To understand how the effects are amplified,
one can study action potentials in the nervous

Two experiments to prove this theory:

The Probe experiment (100 people, 10 questions)

The Retina experiment (100 people, several rounds)

Probe enters through nasal cavity on awake,
healthy volunteers

Enters the cortex of the brain and measures
oscillations of the quantum mechanical effects

Similar to Polygraph, the probe sends
information to a machine that records the
oscillations as the subject is asked to make ten

The experiment is to prove that quantum
mechanical effects exist in the cortex

The experiment was done by using a low
power laser that travels through an apparatus
that measures the echo, time difference
between the reception of each laser at the

The second laser is sent one nanosecond after
the first

If the echo measurement is less than a
nanosecond, then the quantum effects are
becoming amplified, i.e. exponential domino

The laser

The nanosecond shutter

Lens 1

Lens 2

The Diffuser

6. Retina

7. The Detector

8. The oscilloscope

9. Timing Generator

Proved that Quantum effects do exist in the

They have a standard, small oscillation

When some decisions were made, the
oscillations increased

They did not increase enough to reach
threshold, nor did they increase at every

Figure: Shows the quantum oscillations measured by the probe

Out of 100 volunteers, 60% had echoes less
than one nanosecond apart, 30% had echoes
that were equal to one nanosecond, and 10%
had echoes greater than one nanosecond.

The echoes less than one nanosecond show
that the quantum mechanical effects are
becoming amplified, because the exponential
domino effect is increasing the speed of the

Figure: Shows the percentages of the echoes measured among the 100
people tested

Figure: Shows the echoes that were less than one
nanosecond, thus becoming amplified

Figure: Shows the echoes that were equal to one

Figure: Shows the echoes that were greater than one nanosecond

Genetic Engineering less controversial, to be
used as another form of medicine

Have impact on conscious decisions

Future, find a way to show amplifications in
cortex rather than retina