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11 déc. 2012 (il y a 8 années et 7 mois)

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Genetic engineering is helping people to decide the sex of

babies and, in the future, maybe the
intelligence and other characteristics of their offspring. Do you look forward to such medical breakthrough?
Give reasons for your views.


Genetic engineering is one of the most successful technologies now. We can determine what colour a
flower is, the fitness of a pig or the taste of a potato. However, recently, scientists put this technique on
ourselves. We are able to select the sex of our offsprings and, in the very near future , intelligence and other
characteristics. Some people may be very proud of this technology but I do think that these actions will
bring about


The most obvious bad effect is the unbalanced sex distribution
. In many countries, especially in China,
there is a traditional thought that boys are more valuable. They think that girls are

losing products

parents get nothing after

daughters ar
e married. It will make our society unbalanced and lead to a
sudden drop of offsprings as there are few couples. Moreover, how can we handle the large number of
lonely boys?
Let all of them become gay? Of course impossible

Also, children are not dolls.

Parents who want to determine how their children behave are just like
walking in a toy shop
. They walk around the shop and select,

Mmm, I want a boy with blue eyes, soft hair,
oval face and IQ about 180, thank you.

It is ridiculous that

parents have the

right to control their children

lives. Parents should accept their children even if their children are ugly, stupid, unable and have diseases.
It is the responsibility of parents. They should not just


a perfect child and escape from all difficult
of looking after their own children.

One the other hand,
a great generation gap will appear if our offsprings become cleverer suddenly.
offsprings who are

much smarter than us

will do things above our standard. We will hardly understand what
y are talking about. So, conflicts between these two generations will happen easily. The offsprings may
mistrust us as they may think we are useless. Although they will not kill all of us just like in science fictions,
it is quite difficult for them to liv
e with us.
It will be ironic if the artificial


offsprings control us in
some days


competitions may happen between parents
. For example, parents who have a child with IQ 150
will jealous of parents who have an


. So they
will select a child with higher IQ next time.
This endless competition will bring a great pressure to the children. In addition, poor people won

t have
enough money to have this service. It makes the income gap wider as rich people

s offsprings will certai
get a higher salary job.
The society will be

and, so, become unstable

It is no doubt that genetic engineering benefits us a lot in some aspects. However, it is so easy for us to
misuse this technique and damage the nature. In more serious

words, it may destroy our civilization and
culture. We must use this

carefully and find solutions for problems

may appear.

7S, Cheung Siu On(4)

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