Genetic Engineering


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Genetic Engineering

SB2. F. Examine the use of DNA
technology in forensics, medicine,
and agriculture.

What is

tic engineering

Take 5 minutes and make a
jot list of what you think of
when you hear this term!

Genetic Engineering

Technology that involves manipulating the
DNA of one organism in order to insert
exogenous DNA(DNA of another organism)

How can genetic engineering be

It produces plants and animals with
desired traits.

How is this possible?

Scientists can study specific genes within
an organism’s genome by using DNA tools
to manipulate DNA and isolate genes from
the rest of the genome.


total DNA present in the nucleus
of a cell.

What are DNA tools?

DNA tools such as a restriction enzyme
(protein) that recognize and bind to
specific DNA sequences and cleave the
DNA within that sequence.

This means they are used to isolate
specific genes or regions of the genome.

Genetic Engineering Activity