Programming I Mid-Term Study Guide

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Programming I Mid
Term Study Guide

Chapter 1

Computers and Programming Languages

The Stepped Reckoner was unreliable because its mechanical parts tended to jam and malfunction.

What did Ada Byron mean when she said that the Analytical Engine could neve
r “originate anything”?

machine could not think.

The Mark I was not considered a computer because it could not make decisions about the data it

The Mark I was considered a highly sophisticated calculator instead of a computer because it cou
ld not
make decisions about the data it processed.

The Atanasoff
Berry Computer (ABC) used the binary number system.

The ENIAC computer was originally developed as a secret military project to calculate the trajectory of
artillery shells.

An electronic
machine that accepts data, processes it according to instructions, and provides the results as
new data is called a computer.

A program is a list of instructions written in a special language that the computer understands.

The invention of the transistor

was important to the development of computers because it increased
calculating speed.

Machine language is not a high
level programming language.

COBOL is not an object
oriented programming language.

A mainframe computer is large and usually used for mu
user applications.

The invention of the microprocessor made possible the fourth generation of computers.

RAM is memory where data and instructions are stored temporarily.

The CPU processes data and controls the flow of data.

Operating system softwa
re is software that enables the user to communicate with the computer.

An input device that uses a laser to create a digital image from artwork such as photos is called a scanner.

A set of circuits that connect the CPU to other components on the motherbo
ard is called a bus.

A network is a combination of software and hardware that work together to allow computers to exchange
data and to share software and devices such as printers.

The star topology is where each node attached to a hub.

The number system

used in computers is called binary.

The electrical circuits on an IC (integrated circuit) have two states: on, off

A bit is a single 0 or 1 in the binary code.

00000000 01001101 represents the letter M in binary.

Computer memory capacity and file size

are measured in bytes.

A netiquette guideline is to be considerate of other people’s beliefs.

A program that is designed to reproduce itself by copying itself into other programs without the user’s
knowledge is called a virus.

Chapter 2

Introducing W
indows XP

When Windows XP is running, the computer screen is referred to as the Desktop.

he Desktop contains a clock
the notification area.

Windows NOW

is not a version
of the Windows operating system.

The way an application looks on the screen is r
eferred to as the interface.

Unseen parts of a document can be viewed by dragging the

scroll bar.

In a menu, an ellipsis (…) after a command name indicates

a dialog box will appear when the command is

A ScreenTip that describes the action th
at a button on the toolbar will perform is displayed by

pointing to
the button.

The default button in a dialog box can be selected by pressing the

Enter key.

The radio buttons

element enables the user to choose from a set of options

The Text boxes

ment allows the user to enter values

The Home
key moves the insertion point to the beginning of the line of text

The Delete

key is used to erase the character directly to the left of the insertion point

The Esc

key is used to cancel the current opera

A file extension indicates

what application the file was created in.

An underscore
character is acceptable to use in a file name

A collection of related data stored on a lasting medium is called a


An application that comes with Windows XP

and is used to view the contents of the hard disk drive and

the computer’s removable storage devices is called

My Computer

The Views
button on the My Computer toolbar can be used to change the way folders and files are

A copy of a diskett
e is called a backup

The write
protect tab

prevents data stored on a diskette from being overwritten.

Chapter 3

Introducing Visual Basic.NET

What type of programming language is Visual Basic .NET? It is an object
oriented language.

An event can occ
ur when the user interacts with an object.

The Design window displays the application interface and allows objects to be added, deleted, and sized.

The Toolbox is the area of the IDE that contains controls that are used to create objects.

The Solution E
xplorer window is the area of the IDE is used to switch between the Design and Code

The Properties window area of the IDE is used to change the t
ext displayed in a Label object.

A single quotation mark (‘) character begins a comment.

Style is
not a property of the Label control.

The form no longer display a grid is a difference in the way a form looks between the Design window and
run time.

Converting a program to a language the computer understands is a process called compiling.

The MainMen
u control is used to add a menu to an interface?

A set of instructions that tells the computer how to perform a specific task is called program code.

Each line of code is called a(n) statement.

A Click event procedure responds to a mouse click.

An End
statement is used to stop program execution.

An End Sub statement indicates the end of an event procedure.

A Sub statement declares an event procedure.

An assignment statement is used in a procedure to change a value at run time.

In the statement,
Good Morning
refers to the



A GroupBox object is


to group related radio buttons.

To size
an object,
select it and then drag a handle.

A Button

object is clicked in order to ex
ecute the Click event procedure.

er 4

Variables and Constants

The specific value for initialization is optional in a variable declaration statement.

A label placed near a text box that describes its contents or purpose is called a prompt.

The TextBox control Alignment property sets th
e alignment of the text relative to the text box.

The TextBox control Name property identifies a control for the programmer.

The TextBox control Text property determines what text is displayed in the text box.

A procedure that performs a task and return
s a value is called a function.


r must begin with a letter.

The statement
eight kilograms
returns a value of


The statement
48.5 kilograms
returns a value of



not a Visual Basic .NET keyw


is not a Visual Basic
.NET data type.

The Single

data type is not used to represen
t positive or negative integers.

Single is a

data type should be used to represent values with a decimal portion

The Char

data type should be used

to repre
sent single characters.

A Boolean assignment statement uses the keywords


Chapter 5

Controlling Program Flow with Decision Structures

A roundoff error could occur when a comparison is made between floating point numbers.

F statement should be used to decide among three or more actions.

Using Rnd() alone generates random numbers greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1.

The statement
.lblRandNum.Text = Rnd()*100
generates random numbers greater than or
equal to 0 and
less than 100.

Which statement generates random numbers in the range from 10 to 50?

Int(41 * Rnd()) + 10

Which statement is included in the beginning of an event procedure to initialize the Rnd() function so that
different random numbers are generated fr
om run to run?


IF is not a logical operator.

Which statement correctly updates the counter

intIdentifier = intIdentifier + 1

An underscore character can be used to continue

a statement onto the next line.