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Things To Do.

Pick up cloning
and selective
breeding sheets.

Warm Up

What are the building
blocks of protein?

Nucleotides are composed
of __________________.

How can deoxyribonucleic
acid be described?

What does RNA stand for?

In which organelle are
proteins made?

DNA and Modern Genetics

Modern Genetics Uses DNA Technology.

McDougall Littell

Modern Genetics Uses DNA Technology.

Organisms can be changed
by manipulating their DNA.

While organisms change
over time with random
mutations in DNA,
changes are not random.

They are the result of
careful breeding.

Modern Genetics Uses DNA Technology.

Selective breeding or Artificial breeding is
the process of selecting and breeding
parent organisms to pass on particular traits
to the offspring.

For example, all dogs share a common
ancestor. But through selective breeding,
there are now many types of dogs with
different characteristics.

Bloodhounds have been bred for a strong
sense of smell

Modern Genetics Uses DNA Technology.

Genetic engineering is the
process in which a sequence
of DNA from an organism is
changed, then put back or
moved to another organism.

The DNA that is engineered
often codes for a desired trait.

One example is a genetically
modified, or transgenic, plant
that has a higher resistance to

Genetic Engineering Has Both Risks and

Some benefits of genetic
engineering could include less use
of pesticides and greater amounts of

A risk might be that a transgenic
plant could start to breed with a
native plant.

This could give the native plant an
unwanted trait, or could destroy the
unique genetics of a native plant.

DNA Technology Has Many Other

DNA identification helps police establish if a
criminal is guilty.

Specialists can compare DNA evidence
from a crime scene with DNA from a
suspect to determine if the person was at
the scene.

The Human Genome Project

was set up
to sequence the 3 billion nucleotide pairs in
a set of human chromosomes.

The first sequence was published in 2001,
and work still goes on to identify the 30,000
genes in the human genome.

DNA Technology Has Many Other

Cloning is a technique that uses
technology to make copies of DNA.

Cloning has been used in bacteria
to make proteins and drugs to fight

However, there was much concern
when scientists cloned a mammal,
a sheep named Dolly.

Since then, many people have
discussed how to use cloning in the

DNA Technology Has Many Other

Other applications
include making plants
that produce more
vitamins, and
screening for genetic