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Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

King's Fund, London

29 March 2006

Some key issues and critical

success factors for 2006

Alan Jones

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Business Planning



Key issues



& APs

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

New pharmacist’s contract


medical prescribing

Managing long
term conditions


GMS for 2006/7

Health of the public

PCT/SHA mergers

New national standards

based commissioning

Public sector procurement

Health consumerism v patient

On the boil in England in 2006/7

Payment by results

Extending roles

NHS foundation trusts

Connecting for health

Health + social care

Patient Choice

Vertical integration


Private Providers

Agenda for Change

Last of the NSFs

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Assessment for improvement: the annual health check

Commissioning a patient
led NHS

Health reform in England: update and next steps

The NHS in England: the operating framework for 2006/7

Practice based commissioning: achieving universal

Our Health, our care, our say: a new direction for
community services


Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Second Domain


clinical and cost Effectiveness

Domain Outcome
: “
Patients achieve health care benefits that meet
their individual needs through health care decisions and services based
on what assessed research evidence has shown provides effective
clinical outcomes”.

Core standard C5:
Healthcare organisations ensure that they conform
to NICE technology appraisals and, where it is available take into
account nationally agreed guidance when planning and delivering
treatment and care

Assessment for Improvement: the annual health check

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Appeared last summer while a lot of folk away!

About strengthening PCT commissioning, but….

PCTs to halve numbers by October 2006

SHAs to reconfigure

PCTs to divest of provider role by 2008

Caused a lot of anger……

Commissioning a patient
led NHS

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

“What has made people gasp is the timing of ‘Commissioning a
led NHS’ and the order and speed of its
implementation….The rapid prescriptive timetable for
implementation ignores a number of key issues, which unless
addressed properly will drag the system into chaos.”

Lise Llewellyn, Brent PCT CEO

September 2005

A PCT CEO view…..

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

A new ‘vision statement’….

Review of both demand
side & supply
side reforms

Plus ‘transactional’ & system management ones…..

Spells out the new ‘rules’….

Signals 14 other policy frameworks to come….

Annexe C a ‘must

Health reform in England: update and next steps

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Interesting ‘language’ with lots of ‘musts’….

Restates the priority priorities….

Examines commissioning in more detail

Looks at the provider role

Spells out changes to PbR and the tariff

Details guidance on system management &

Annexes are again ‘must

The NHS in England: operating framework for 2006/7

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

A one year DES in GMS

A ‘must

The WP ‘oyster grit’…….

Note prescribing is in here too….

Early wins and top tips

Major opportunities re business case prep

See PCC newsletters and

Practice based commissioning: achieving universal coverage

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Services to be moved out of hospitals…..

Polyclinics are good….

Joined up health & social care

Increasing GP provision in deprived areas

LTC, self care & EPP

Disease prevention & health promotion

Health literacy and ‘information prescriptions’

PbC as a major driver but no new monies

Our Health, Our Say Our Care

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Back to the future

Optimal, etc

Impact on hospital teams?

Enhanced roles of nurses and pharmacists

Dealing with ‘social enterprise’ units

Dealing with big ‘corporates’

Major opportunity for ‘support’ initiatives

Some implications

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum


Innovex report & stakeholder


ABPI Code of Practice & ‘loss’ of KOLs?


Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Innovex EU report, October 2005

Suggests companies now focussing on acute care

Funny this as UK NHS moving in the opposite way…

But does suggest a need to regroup on customers

Confuses d
ecision makers and influencers

Stakeholder relationships

need improvement


An era of secondary care

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

“…the industry is in danger of not keeping up with the pace of NHS
The new emphasis on a systematic approach to care has
largely left pharmaceutical companies flat

Dr. David Colin
Thome, National Primary Care Director

“The pharma industry is a hostage to history. Most healthcare systems
are in the process of modernisation, change, realignment and
The pharma industry seems blissfully unaware that
anything has changed

Roy Lilley,
Pharmaceutical Marketing

“The traditional ‘three product detail’ is out of step with what the NHS
requires, and that to continue to achieve success
we have had to
radically change our model in the new healthcare environment

Andy Davis, Managing Director, Takeda UK

A wake up call for Industry?

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

How can we make sure that we are correctly aligned?

How can we ensure that we are (more) customer focussed?

How can we ‘walk the talk’?

How do we effectively upskill our sales force (s)?

How can we engage more ‘strategically’ & appropriately?

How can we help the NHS better understand the Industry?

How do we deal with the ‘baggage’….?

How do we best avail ourselves of the opportunities?

Some KIs

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

We must make sure that any new (re)alignment is fit

We must make more effort to be (really) customer focussed

We must say what we mean, and mean what we say

We must ensure appropriate skill sets are in place

We just have to engage more ‘strategically’ & appropriately

We must make sure NHS customer understand Industry R&D

We have to be able to deal with customer ‘baggage’….

We must capture some/all of the available opportunities

Some CSFs

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Many of the major players are now

examining their marketing and
salesforce structures, whilst others have already done so and made
changes. MSD, Novartis, Pfizer, Sanofi
Aventis and Wyeth, to name but
a few, are
taking a deep look at their sales and marketing strategies
amid a rapidly changing healthcare environment

John Lidstone,
, February 2006

“…We have now developed a cutting
edge key account business
model that integrates all of our activities around local PCOs whilst
allowing us to constantly adapt our approach to the evolving needs of
a decentralising NHS…. So
it’s goodbye to yesterday’s rigid marketing
and limited value
added offerings for customers and hello to a tailor
made, localised marketing mix that meets the needs of every
customer across the UK

Huw Tippett, Novartis

January 2006

Waking up?......

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

The pharmaceutical industry is currently experiencing
a sharply
worsening climate
…..In this environment, there is
no room for
… a new industry dynamic is required… The
pharmaceutical sector must learn its lessons and keep pace with
developments in healthcare ….We all need to take a
fresh and honest
analysis of our ways of working

and decide whether they enhance or
erode the reputation of our industry. If it is the latter, we must act
decisively for change. The reputation of
the industry may be taking a

but its restoration is in our hands

Richard Barker, ABPI Director General

European Pharmaceutical Review,
Issue 2, 2005

But complacency must go…..

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

“In a way, it’s rediscovering the essence of marketing, which I believe
the industry needs to do in many cases. Marketing is really about

understanding the underlying means and driving forces of your
customers and stakeholders, and positioning yourself and your
products to meet them. It is a different mindset from simply seeing
healthcare prescribers as sales targets…
Pharma should reshape its
sales and marketing business around the needs of governments and
healthcare providers.

This requires us to understand and be sensitive to
their problems.

Richard Barker, ABPI Director General

12th Annual Economist Pharmaceuticals Conference,

Changing mindsets

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

“....It is those pharmaceutical companies that identify the relevant KOLs
and, critically, deliver the right message that combines product
efficacy with health service value, that will forge a strong position with
the NHS.”


“..a refocusing on the customer though a sustainable selling model is
required where representatives take on more of a partnership,
advisory and consultancy role will not only better meet customers’
needs but also go a long way towards boosting the industry’s
declining image.”

Lal Ashby, Commercial Director, Serono UK

European Pharmaceutical Executive,
March 2006

Customer Consultants

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

The marketing community…should not assume that communication
techniques used for doctors will work for nurses….The industry must
learn to engage with nurses in the way they want to be engaged
with…..Nurses will also need to develop their understanding of the
pharmaceutical industry…”

Molly Courtney

Pharmaceutical Marketing

The view of the RCN

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

Stormy waters ahead for the NHS…

Privatisation, Herceptin, OOHs, flu jabs, smoking…

Plurality, contestability & choice….

Flush with cash; short of money

£90bn in 2006/7

The reconfiguration of primary care…..

Is a rationing debate beginning?....

Stormy waters ahead for the industry?…

Into 2006

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

The ‘mould’ is now set to 2008 > 2012

Mr. Brown

is a

The ‘iceberg’ of risk

A fragmenting NHS?..

More ‘market turmoil’ is inevitable

Patient choice could unleash powerful forces

Industry to engage more ‘strategically’?

Dealing with the ‘baggage’….

Companies need to continue to adapt

But opportunities abound!......

Some conclusions

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum

doctors are on the receiving end of a new, secret language now
infecting the whole NHS
….buzzwords are bandied around but when
anyone is brave enough to ask what they mean no
one is quite sure.
Answers usually contain the word ‘framework’ and we’re all left

none the wiser…”

Dr. Phil Hammond

“…A lot of the pain and anger from doctors is because they don’t
understand how the system works and why it works like it
Learning more about how the NHS functions as an organisation
and how decisions are made can be key to improving the ability to

Prof. Jenny Simpson, BAMM

A closing thought….

Wellard's Healthcare Managers' Forum


Health Care Managers’