Joomla - Feature # 245: Joomla Kayako Component by ScriptsConnect

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Joomla - Feature # 245: Joomla Kayako Component by ScriptsConnect
Daniel Pegues
02 Jul 2013
24 Sep 2013
Due date:
Joomla Kayako Component by ScriptsConnect
We have developed a component that ties directly into Joomla using the API. No iframes/wrappers are used.
This extension allows the user to install the extension into their Joomla site, and give their site users the
ability to submit support tickets directly from Joomla. This extension is currently and always in development
to add additional features. The price of the extension is $50 per site. For this price, you receive the release
for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x, and all updates for a period of 6 months. You can see the extension by going
to: We
strongly advise you view the demo before buying to make sure it has all the features you need. This is by no
means a Kayako replacement, but has a ton of features, and should be all you need to allow your users to
submit support tickets that go directly to your Kayako softawre. Below, you can see the development of the
extension as well as many of the frontend features:

Frontend Features
Submit tickets once logged in
When submitting a ticket, user can select the Department they wish to submit a ticket to
All General Information and Message Details can be submitted
User can specify the Priority of the ticket, as well as select the Status and Type
Users can view their existing tickets by sorting by department
Existing tickets can have their Status and Priority changed
Existing tickets can also be replied to, along with having attachments added as needed
In the frontend ticket view, the Department, Owner, Type, Status and Priority are shown, date and time the
ticket was initially created, along with the date and time the ticket was last updated
Menu Items
There are two menu types provided with this component. You can create a menu item to create tickets and
create a menu item to view tickets.

The Kayako Support extension for Joomla is a commercial product, and is not for distribution and sharing.
Each purchase of the Kayako Support extension entitles you, the buyer, the use of the extension on a single
domain. If you wish to use the extension on another domain, you must purchase an additional copy.

If you need support for any items sold here at, please open a support ticket by going to When opening a support ticket, please mention what product you are
requesting support for, as well as a detailed description of what the issue is. Upon receipt of your issue, we
will respond in a timely manner. Support is only provided to those who've purchased the item in question,
and is provided for 6 months free from the date of purchase. If you request support after 6 months, you will
have to buy the extension again for continued support.

Version Information
1.0.9 (Planned Release on 2013-07-10)
A Joomla/Kayako bridge will be implemented to synchronize 1. Tickets, 2. Users, 3. Departments. This
requires a large number of modifications to the extension. This modification is essential in order to speed up
varying processes that are currently slow due to the lack of synchronization.
Pagination and Sorter for the View Tickets section in both the frontend and backend.

1.0.8 (Released on 2013-06-30)
04 Dec 2013
Custom fields modification to allow the user to assign custom fields to specific departments.
Language Support (English, German, Polish, Spanish - Translations not made for German, Polish and
Sort Departments based on Kayako setup
Fixed an issue with system generated URLs when selecting a department in the frontend to submit a ticket.

1.0.7 (Released on 2013-06-25)
Custom fields - this release for custom themes allows for custom fields to be integrated into the extension;
however, custom fields are not directly assigned to their respective departments. This is due to a limitation in
the Kayako REST API. In release 1.0.8, a work around will be added so that users can assign custom fields
to specific departments.
As of the 1.0.7 release with custom fields, the ability to save custom field data is possible by applying an
improvement patch to Kayako. This patch is a single file, class.Controller_TicketCustomField.php, that has to
be added to your Kayako software at __apps/tickets/api/ You can download this file by clicking here. Kayako
has since made an update to their dev site, SWIFT-2273, and has marked this issue as an improvement,
and is scheduled to be released in an upcoming Kayako build release in the next 1 to 2 months, starting with
the 4.61.xxxx release. Once this release is made and your helpdesk has been upgraded, you will no longer
have to apply this patch. Until then, each time you upgrade, you need to reapply this patch.

1.0.6 (Released on 2013-06-18)
Fixed installation issue in J3.x version of the extension
Fixed indentation of child categories
Each admin can now only see departments/tickets they are assigned to

1.0.5 (Released on 2013-05-24)
Fixed file attachment path issue for files attached to tickets
Fixed issue with closed tickets not showing
Now possible to show tickets for all departments
Fixed issue in which lines were not breaking in each ticket submission

1.0.4 (Released on 2013-04-10)
Now storing API credentials in database
Implemented theming for admin and frontend
Fixed an issue with the Update Button for form submission in the frontend
09/24/2013 06:40 pm - Daniel Pegues
An update for the Joomla Kayako extension was recently posted to the website. If you want to buy a copy of the extension, we are
providing 25% off the total price until October 31, 2013. Use the following coupon code to receive 25% off: SCJKayako25%

The Joomla Kayako Support extension now has Spanish, German, and Polish language support!

You can buy the extension by going to:
04 Dec 2013