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SR 1.2

Pg. 13 #1


the relationship between scientific
research & the use of environmental resources.

An increasing population is putting more
demands on environmental resources.
Scientific research can suggest ways of
preserving the environment while still
obtaining needed resources.


how genetic engineering
can improve food supplies.

Genetic engineering can be used to develop
crops that are more tolerant to certain
conditions, that are insect resistant, & that
produce a higher crop yield.


one problem that scientists must
overcome to develop a vaccine for AIDS.

The HIV changes as it passes form one host to
another. Frequent changes, or mutations, in
the HIV structure quickly make potential
vaccines obsolete.


how gene therapy might be
used to treat cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is caused by a defective gene.
Researchers are attempting to use a virus to
insert a healthy form of the gene into the cells
of patients with cystic fibrosis.

Critical Thinking

Evaluating Viewpoints

Do you agree or
disagree that the knowledge of biology is essential in the battle
against diseases? Explain your answers.

Students should agree. To discover
treatments or cures for diseases, the
researchers must understand the biology of
the symptoms & the cause of each disease.

Standardized Test Prep

One goal of researchers who transplant beneficial
plant genes into other plants is to ___

accelerate extinction

B. cure cancer.

C. halt the spread of AIDS.

D. reduce pesticide use.

D is correct. Genetic engineering can make crop
plants poisonous to insect pests.