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While these things are stressful to us humans in the family, it's important to understand that your dog is behaving in a way that makes sense to him. Dogs don't make trouble just to get you angry. The key is understanding what is driving the unwanted behavior and how that behavior is being reinforced by your dog's environment.

Dog Behaviorist Nj

The Trained Canine provides the finest in
home dog training in northern New
Jersey. Our goal is to help every dog we work with become
your best friend for
life. Sharing your home with a dog should be one of the most rewarding
experiences you'll ever have, but it's not always eas

we can help!

No More Frustration

If you ask yourself these kinds of questions...

Why does he continue to soil my home?

When will she stop jumping up on everyone she meets?

How do I get her to stop pulling when we go for a walk?

Just what will it take before he pays attention to me and reliably does what
I ask?

Obedience Training

e in

training allows us to focus on your individual needs.
Throughout the training process you will observe while I get your dog to
understand and comply with my commands.

Before each lesson ends you
will be the one who is demonstrating to me how it's


While every dog should learn to respond to

basic commands, it's

the dog
who has learned to exercise self
control and

restraint in the presence of
distractions and excitement that is always welcome around people and

That's why good manners
are always a top priority with The
Trained Canine.

Head Start Puppy Training

The best time to start training your dog is
when you first bring him or her home. No
dog over eight weeks of age is too young to
begin learning how to live successfully in a
an family. The sooner your little bundle
of fur learns what is expected, the easier
the adjustment will be for everyone in your

The old maxim that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is
especially true in dog training. It's so much easi
er to keep a bad habit from
forming than it is to change an unacceptable behavior once it's been
established. So give your puppy a head start to a happy life and train him
while he's young and new to your household.

py Training consists of four weekly lessons. Each lesson is roughly one
hour, though the first lesson often runs longer in order to explain the program
and answer all of your questions. We will cover these subjects:

Establishing the proper rapport and rel
ationship with you as the
benevolent leader


Walking nicely on leash (No pulling or lagging)

Introduction to the Standard Commands ( Come, Sit, Down, Stay & Drop It)

How to deal with puppy nipping and other unwelcome behaviors

How to crate tra
in (or otherwise confine)

Proper care instructions (feeding, grooming, hygiene & medical care)

Basic Obedience Training

This program is for dogs over six months of age. Even the friendliest, most
lovable dog in the world can be more than a handful if no
t properly trained. In
fact, sometimes it's the most outgoing and exuberant dogs that are the hardest
to control. But regardless of your dog's personality type you want her to be a
good citizen who is always welcome to share your space.

The Basic Training

program consists of

four weekly lessons. We will cover
these subjects:

Establishing the proper rapport and relationship with you as the
benevolent leader

Walking in a well behaved manner on leash

Standard Commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Come & Drop It)

How to address common behavior problems

Teaching your dog to be able to

resist distraction and stay focused on you.

Day Training

Lots of people today are too busy to devote the necessary amount of time to
their dogs to get them trained and well

Standard in
home training
consists of once weekly lessons that you practice and reinforce on a daily
basis. If you choose the Day Training option we will come to your home 3 to 4
times a week while you are at work or busy doing something else and

do the
eavy lifting for you. You still need to participate once a week to get up to

but your dog gets the benefit of learning directly from the expert most
of the time.

Advanced On and Off Leash Training

Some people choose to continue working with
ional instruction as their dog advances on to
more difficult tasks and challenging environments,
such as remaining well controlled outside and in the
face of increasing distraction. Some wish to train off
leash. The Trained Canine is always happy to work
ith you on these goals!

For moral and legal reasons The Trained Canine will only undertake off leash
training with a dog that is already well disciplined in the basics and in a safe
enclosed environment. The duration of training along with the goals of the

owner should be discussed during an in person evaluation.

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