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- Local Search Engine

.:: Advertising Overview ::.

Helping more Phoenix residents

find your business

at the moment they’re looking for

what you offer

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The Best Advertising is Relevant Advertising

Your customers are looking for you
. In fact, more people
now use the Internet to locate products and services available locally
than any other resource.

As a result, traditional media usage (e.g. Yellow Pages and
newspapers) is on the decline.

Most consumers don’t

advertising until they


advertising when they are
close to making a buying

The main problem with traditional advertising is that the mating of
these types of

ads with buy
ready consumers is typically
, not targeted.

Experts estimate that $50 billion of U.S. ad spending is “wasted”
every year.

Today's results
oriented advertising is

connecting with the
consumer at the exact moment they need your service

92% of local searches convert (to sales) later offline.


studies show that
local businesses can see 10 times better
ROI from local search.

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Taylor’s Local Search Engine

Taylor, an award
winning property management company, has

Phoenix’s first local search engine
for its residents and
the residents of the greater Phoenix area.

Accessible from many links within the site, the search engine is located
at the popular Resident’s Corner:


Very soon, “Search Phoenix” will be accessible from every page on the site.

The search results are hand
picked to provide our discerning visitors
with the best local businesses.



business can be part of this trusted resource through
our keyword search and banner advertising opportunities.

Our ad programs are based on an economical monthly flat
fee pricing

Performance is easy to track with on
request statistical reports which
provide insight into exactly what your customers are searching for and
how they are responding to your ads.


Over 15,000 apartment
units in 24 award
communities throughout
greater Phoenix

Our resort
style properties
cater to the professional,
affluent lifestyle

60,000+ Web site visitors
on average

"Best Corporate Web site in
the Nation," April 2005,
National Association of
Home Builders

Search engine accessible
from most pages of the
Taylor website

Search engine optimization
campaigns increase your
exposure as the Mark
website improves its natural
and paid rankings

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Search Advertising Options


Choose where you want your search result

Tier 1: results 1
3 (page 1 of results)

Tier 2: results 4
10 (page 1 of results)

Tier 3: results 11
20 (page 2 of results,

not shown on this slide)


Choose location:




Purchase any search listing plus banner ad to
receive 25% off regular rates

The combination of concurrent search +
banner advertising has been proven to
reduce the number of times prospects
need to see your ad before they take

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Search Phoenix:

“Entire Directory”
contains 21 categories &
120 subcategories. Users
click on a subcategory to
get an instant set of
relevant business listings


More users trust vertical
Web sites to provide the
targeted information and
products they are looking
for instead of mega
portals or generic search

More retailers are
shifting advertising
dollars to vertical
markets, such as local
search engines, citing
greater efficiency in
delivering qualified
customers and lower
acquisition costs
(Forrester Research).

Put your brand at the forefront of
Phoenix resident’s minds as they
search for the best local

Sponsor the category that
best describes your business.

Your logo would appear next to
the category name and would be
on every search results page for
that category.


new customers and build

with existing ones.

Other Promotional Options: Sponsorship


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There are 12 mini
accessible from

If your business falls into one
of these categories and you
choose to sponsor a category,
you will also receive
placement on the mini
directory page.

Round logo

click here

Sponsorship Details

Sponsored by



70 percent of U.S. households
use the web to research information
when shopping locally for products and

The Internet now features a local reach
equal to or greater than any other
medium. (Kelsey Group 2005 study)

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Search Results Pages


91% of new movers use the
Internet for local searches and find
that it helps reduce relocation

The Internet is the top resource when
making a decision about professional
services, rising above word of mouth in



to your site.

Make it easy for users to choose
your business.

All logos would be hyperlinked
to the landing page of your

Sponsorship Details

Sponsored by


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Other Promotional Options: Monthly Winners

If you are interested in offering barter items such as gift certificates, your
brand will receive prominent placement on the Monthly Winner's page,
located at
http://www. mark

We can apply these giveaways items to your monthly advertising fee,
and discount your monthly price by up to 50%.

This high
traffic page is one of the most popular pages at Mark
and many give
away entries are received daily: a buzz is being created.

Many of our advertisers are even getting
better general search engine
rankings (Google, Yahoo, MSN) because of their Monthly Winner’s


a service that's worth thousands of dollars a month, but it's
just a side benefit for our advertisers.

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Taylor & Vortaloptics

Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Advertiser Features & Benefits

A few of the features and benefits our advertisers receive include:

Top search results positioning

under your appropriate Category(ies) and Sub
Category(ies), with a link to your website.

Don't have a website? We can design a "business card" web page, complete with
images, maps and your choice of business information to give you online exposure.

Up to
50 descriptive keywords to describe your products and services
. These
keywords will enable customers to find your products/services.

Keywords can include inventory, brand names, menu items and products/services
offered. Your business will get guaranteed placement in the engine with these keywords,
plus the flexibility to change keywords to improve relevancy.

Customizable description of up to 255 characters

(about 50 words) to appear under
your listing.

Promote the best aspects of your business in order to capture the interest of the search
engine users. You can even request that the description be changed once a month to
stay current with promotions, events and news.

targeted banner option
. Our banner ads match the context of user searches
and give you ideal placement, just to the right
side of search listings.

Besides the search engine exposure at our site, some of our
advertisers are improving
their general search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo, MSN)

because of their
advertising with us

a service that's worth thousands of dollars a month, but it's just a side
benefit for our advertisers.

Taylor internal and external marketing campaigns

help promote the engine and
thus, your business to Phoenix residents.

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Taylor & Vortaloptics

Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Natural (Non
Paid) Search Listings: Mark
-’s natural search rankings are rising dramatically at Google, Yahoo! and MSN
due to the relevant local content supplied by the search engine. Now, the Mark
Taylor site and its search results pages can be
located through the major search engines for various business
type searches. Want to be found through the major search engines
as well? This is a very inexpensive way to do that. For instance, “phoenix day spas” yields highly
ranked results that lead to t
search results and Monthly Winner’s page. Many of those advertisers were difficult to find in the major search engines until
began advertising with us.

Paid Search Marketing: Mark
Taylor is running a campaign with Google AdWords and other search engines to promote its website.
Local Search Box Giveaways: We are in the process of expanding the search engine’s reach by placing the search box on other
local and charity sites. When your listing is in Mark
Taylor, you'll also be able to be found at other sites!

Deployment on
Taylor Realty
: Our sister site is being redesigned and will also include the local search engine.

Resident Newsletter: Monthly placement in the resident newsletter sent to over 12,000 residents via email and mail.

Sales integration: All sales staff have now been trained to promote the local directory to prospective residents, existing re
(they are pointed to the engine to find information) and solicitors (encouraged to advertise in the engine).

Promotional materials: Each of our 24 leasing offices now showcase displays that promote the search engine. Additionally, eve
resident in each of our properties received a door hanger at their apartment announcing the search engine and explaining the
value, where to find it, how to use it, etc. We continue promote the search engine to residents in various ways.

Email marketing: Mark
Taylor is currently developing an email marketing campaign, scheduled to launch in Q2 2006.

Monthly Winner’s Give
Away: Since August 2005, we have awarded prizes to
Monthly Winner’s
entrants. As more residents and
residents hear about the search engine and the “Monthly Winners,” a buzz is being created.

click away from the search engine: Links to the search engine are now on all the Apartment pages and will soon be linked from

on the home page. Search engine usage will see further increases when that takes place. Be there when Phoenix residents searc
for what you offer!

Taylor is continually promoting the local directory through various methods, including company
efforts and online marketing campaigns to give our advertisers more value.

Taylor Marketing Gives Advertisers More Exposure

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Taylor & Vortaloptics

Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Advertising Options Summary

Search advertising

with Mark
Taylor is an “always
on” advertisement located on a
highly trusted and frequented resource.


package will give your business even more prominence and will
help instill a sense of loyalty in the affluent, technology
oriented demographic that
lives in Mark
Taylor properties. Sponsorship means you stand behind your products
and support the community.

Monthly Winner’s

program is another beneficial way to reach Mark
residents and is simply a gift
certificate program, but with lasting results.

Taylor regularly features advertisers in the monthly newsletters sent to each
resident in all 24 properties.

© Mark
Taylor & Vortaloptics

Inc. All Rights Reserved.


<Company> search listing and banner ad would appear within the X


Along with your category search listing and banner ad, <Company>’s site would also appear in the top X positions for
up to 50 keywords related to your business, such as:

<several major keywords>

You have the flexibility to choose whatever keywords you like and can change them whenever you want in order to best
target your audience.

<Your banner ad would appear in the Featured Sponsor section for the categories you choose as well as when
searches for your 50 keywords are conducted.>

Additionally, if you are interested in offering barter items, <Company> will receive prominent placement on the
Monthly Winner's page, located at
. This high
traffic page is the
third most popular subpage at Mark
Taylor and many give
away entries are received daily.

<We will design a rotating banner for you for free>

<We will provide a free run
site banner which will give you additional exposure for non
category related searches.>

Note: (The 30% Mark
Taylor discount will continue as long as you keep advertising with us, but the 25% intro and
20% December discounts are applicable only to the first term of contract. Therefore, I recommend signing at least a 6
month ad contract).

To take advantage of this special advertising package, please contact:

Jeff Bridgman |

| Phone: 866.369.2500 Ext. 714 | Fax: 702.974.6004


Your Advertising Proposal

For your business, we recommend:

Tier X (results X
X) Search + X Sponsor banner package at a discounted price of $XX/month.

Retail price: $XXXX

discounts: 25% intro, 55% special discount