Bioinformatics Infrastructure in Israel: organization and areas of activity


29 sept. 2013 (il y a 5 années et 4 mois)

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Gregor Anderluh, Blaž Zupan, Janez Stare (ur.)

Infrastructure in
Israel: organization
and areas of activity
Leon Esterman
, Shifra Ben-Dor
Marvin Edelman

Bioinformatics and Biological
Computing Unit
Department of Plant Sciences
Weizmann Institute of Science,
Rehovot Israel
In 1990 the Israel Ministry of Science and
Technology authorized the formation of a national
bioinformatics node (called INN) at the
Weizmann Institute of Science. In 2002 the
Ministry further initiated the national center-of-
knowledge for bioinformatics infrastructure
(COBI), which networks all 8 institutions for
higher learning in the country. The goals of COBI
are to promote the use of bioinformatics
methodologies and bio-computing tools among the
Israeli research community. COBI provides a suite
of national and local services and activities to its
broad user community, including training and
technical assistance. COBI currently has 2800 user
accounts active on 8 servers around the country.
Users receive and store sequencing information
and perform basic and advanced analyses on the
servers. Distributed location improves response
time, answers firewall issues, prevents overloading
and deepens local usage. COBI provides local
helpdesks at all nodes and runs several national
and local bioinformatics workshops. Its user
community includes researchers from academia,
hospitals, government and industry. Currently,
COBI’s 8 web sites draw 20,000 entries per day.