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7 with Oracle 11g

SPRING Framework,
Aspect Oriented

Programming, Modelling with UML,
Persistence with Oracle 11G

Java Platform Overview


Course Schedule

Java Overview

Java Platforms



Java in Server Environments

The Java Community

Simple Java classes

Java fields, constructors and methods

Model objects using Java classes

Package and import statements

Encapsulation and Polymorphism

Encapsulation in Java class design

Model business problems with Java classes



Overloading methods

Variable argument methods

Java Class Design

Access modifiers: private, protected and public

Method overriding

Constructor overloading

The instanceof operator

Virtual method invocation


Casting object references

Overriding Object methods

Advanced Class Design

Abstract classes and type generalization

The static and final modifiers

Field modifier best practices

Designing abstract classes

Enumerated types

Varags and for each loop

Java Interfaces, String Handling and Overview of Wrappers

Java Interfaces

Types of Inheritance

Object composition and method delegation

Implementing multiple interfaces

String Handling using String and StringBuffer

Wrapper classes

Exceptions and

Exceptions categories

Standard Java Exception classes

Creating your own Exception classes

Using try
catch and the finally clause

Best practices using exceptions

Java 7 Multiple Catch handling

Generics and Collections

Generic classes and
type parameters

Type inference (diamond)

Collections and generics

List, Set and Map

I/O Fundamentals

Using File class

Reading the console input

Reading and writing objects using Serialization

Java 7 automatic resource management (ARM)


Operating system task scheduling

Recognizing multithreaded environments

Creating multi
threaded solutions

Sharing data across threads

Database Application with JDBC

Layout of the JDBC API

JDBC divers

Queries and results

PreparedStatement and

Java SE 5, 6, 7 new features

Static import



JDBC with Apache Derby

each loop

Password protecting a class

Java 7 try with resource

Catch Statement

Jdbc 2.x

String in Switch Statement

Java Integrated Web Server

Splash Screen in Java 6

Java AutoClosable Interface

Project Specific Requirements

User Interfaces with Java Foundation Classes(Java Swing API)

Overview of the JFC API

Spring Intorduction

11g Back End Creation

Project Work