Sustainability at Texas State:


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2011 Texas State Leadership Institute

February 11
12, 2011

Sustainability at Texas State:

What’s in Store for Us?

Dr. Richard Earl, Ms. Nicole Fisher, Ms. Nancy Nusbaum


“Meet the needs of the present
without compromising the
ability of future generations to
meet their own needs.”

Gro Harlem

Report to the United Nations,

“Our Common Future”


Science, Policy, and


2011 Common Experience Theme

Upcoming Common Experience

Ghetto Plainsman: One Man’s Journey towards
Ecological Health

February 10 (Thursday)

9 p.m. Evans Liberal Arts 116

San Marcos Green Living Showcase

March 12 (Sunday)

10 a.m.
4 p.m. City of San Marcos Convention

Center 3110 IH 35 S


Earth Day Celebration

April 30 (Saturday)

6 p.m.


Biology Greenhouse Rainwater Recycling:

A rainwater collection system will irrigate plants that are used for teaching,
research and landscaping.

Calories for Kilowatts:

By attaching power generators to the elliptical machines in the Student
Recreation Center has become the second largest human power generator in
the world.

Living Library Wildlife Habitat:

A terraced garden built around the Agriculture building is home to plants
which cannot be found on any other part of campus. Hundreds of hours Of
community service have been logged in the garden in just the past couple of

Sustainability Virtual Tour

Classes with a Sustainability Focus

May 18
19, 2010 Faculty Workshop:

Infusing Sustainability into the Curriculum



Undergraduate Programs and Classes

Specific Classes:
A sampling


Environmental Ethics


Wildlife Biology


Environmentally Conscious Design and Construction


Environmental Chemistry

Undergrad Programs:
A sampling


Resource and Environmental Studies


Water Studies


Aquatic Biology

Graduate Programs and Classes

Graduate Programs:
A sampling


MSIS Sustainability


MAG Resource and Environmental Studies


Ph.D. Environmental Geography


MS and Ph.D. Aquatic Resources

Graduate Classes:
A sampling


Environmental Management


Applied Water Resources


Conservation Biology


Environmental Impact Analysis


Industrial Ecology

Student Organizations

Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO)

Net Impact Undergraduate

Water Aid

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists


Texas State Horticulture Club

United States Green Building Council Students

Student Environmental Leadership

Bobcat Blend

Water Aid

World Water Day, March 22,



The World Walks For Water

Community Involvement

Texas State Recycles Day


Earth Day

San Marcos Green Living Showcase

Student Environmental Leadership

Environmental Service Committee

2000: Idea conceived by the SWT chapter of the


Association of Environmental



Student leaders obtained student approval of



Approved by the University Administration


Students presented the proposal our state

representative and state senator


2003: Bill introduced in the Texas Legislature.


2003: Bill signed by Governor Perry.


2004: ESC approved by a 82% student vote.


2004: ESC functioning in the Fall Semester.

Student Leaders Make A Difference!

Initiate programs Faculty and Staff
are too busy or too fearful to

Provide leadership and mobilize
participation for organizing events.

Add energy, creativity, and
man power to campus

Pack it Up & Pass it On

Bike to School Day

Sustainability Exploration

S.W.I.G. Distributing Water Bottles

Bobcat Build Volunteers

Tree Planting in Honor of


Arbor Day Observance

Cardboard Collection Campaign