Head of Healthcare Practice, Kiosk

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12 nov. 2013 (il y a 7 années et 11 mois)

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Head of Healthcare Practice

Kiosk JD



Head of Healthcare Practice,


Who we are…

Kiosk is a mobile first agency.
Our success in gathering compelling people narratives
and outputs via mobile has led to
the creation of

two clear and differentiated
directions, namely Kiosk Insight and Kiosk Content. This job descr
iption relates to
Kiosk Insight and specifically to the healthcare opportunity.

Kiosk is a Flamingo
Group company

based in London
, with a New York office opene
d earlier in the

What we do…

We recruit and manage mobile communities to generate insights, which cannot be
accessed by conventional approaches.
These mobile communities give us access
to occasions and locations which have historically been diffic
ult, and sometimes
impossible, to reach. With a mobile community in place, we are also in a position to
provide compelling and insightful output at a moment’s notice.
We pride ourselves
n having introduced a people
centric approach to the market.

Kiosk Insight: The opportunity

Kiosk Insight’s business will be focused on servicing clients who are looking for clear
direction on their business needs. To date in the healthcare sector we have worked
alongside agency clients and offered them a managed
service which gives them
access to mobile community content, but does not provide full analysis or strategic
thinking. As a result, our mobile community approach has been adopted to answer
previously unmet client needs and we have seen a real appetite for
the kind of
insight that we can provide. Most notably we have received industry recognition for
our work by winning the Keith Munro award for best paper at the 2013 BHBIA
research conference, where we presented together with Eli Lilly and Adelphi

We are now in a position to lead a full
service insight offering ourselves
and we are looking for a motivated and inspirational individual to take on and
shape our insight business in the healthcare space.

To lead this initiative are looking for an accom
plished professional with a proven
research background to take our service offering to the next level. The ideal
candidate will have a track record of embracing innovation and introducing new
approaches into the market and will show an instinctive grasp of

where the mobile
community offer can best fit into the healthcare landscape.

Head of Healthcare Practice

Kiosk JD



There are five key parts to the role:


Shaping the offering

Working alongside Kiosk’s MD a
nd Flamingo Group’s Global CEO to help
define the
rategy, story and point

of view for Kiosk Insight in the Healthcare


Business development

Developing a profitable stream of agency an
d end client business for Kiosk Insight in

The ambition is to generate £750K by the second year.


Project implementation

Leading healthcare projects ensuring processes are of the highest quality and output
is inspirational. This will include crafting debriefs, distilling strategic thinking and
presenting face
face client debriefs


Team leadership and development

, building

and coaching
the team

working on Kiosk


Leading training and learning programmes

to ensure

that skills and best practice are
shared across the team.


Conference Speaking

Alongside other senior team, embracing opportunities to speak at client facing and
industry events to build the profile of the business and also communicate the benefits
of a mobile first approach