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Justin Cruz

English 1302

Ms. Deezy


roject 3


Think of
superior person able to withstand disease, be genetically fit, and have an
increased mental capacity. These are the abilities that could be possible with genetic engineering
in the future. Today genetic engineering is in its infantile stages but has a prom
ising future in
human evolution.

Thesis Statement:

Genetic engineering is
the way of the future of human evolution; it will open up new
possibilities to the human capacities and open up a new era of human expansion.

The future looks bright as we see the
next evolutionary period for human beings. The
good things about genetic engineering are that people will live healthier and longer. Human
beings will be able to
be worry free of any disease, pain, and suffering. There are also cons
associated with genetic

engineering such as people will live longer, possible genetic mutations,
and freak accidents. The effects of genetic engineering on the human society will be that humans
will have to figure out new ways of living. The good effects are that people might be

able to live
longer so space travel is a possibility because with so many people living longer lives there will
be less room in the world. Space travel could be made easier due to people living longer lives
and also people could be genetically engineering

to be suited to space travel. If anyone has seen
the motion picture “Pandorum”

Human beings were using genetic engineering in order to speed
up acclimation to the new world that were traveling to but instead they adapted to the ship,
became cannibals and
even looked like a whole new race. This is far from possible today mostly
because genetic engineering is still in its infantile stages but in the future this could be a
possibility of unwanted mutations and maybe even catastrophic scenarios such as that mo

Genetic engineering of the future will be much more structure and even regulated in order
for any possible mad scientists to not be allowed to conduct experiments that would work in a
way that would harm anyone or anything. These strict regulations
will also however make it hard
for scientists to experiment on people and animals because it is an ethical issue as to whether or
not it is yet acceptable to change the genetic structure of an animal.

This is an issue today that
gets in the way of genetic


The future looks bright for the human population and soon there could be a world with
supermen and women that are the normal for the future. People will be free of disease
and humans will have conquered what some would call “the human condition” or will be

able to prolong life and slow the aging process. Even though these claims seem
outlandish and crazy, many

believe that this could be the way of the future and
the next evolutionary being.