Medical Benefits of Genetic Engineering - In-Class Exercise


12 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 1 mois)

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Ghazala Khan

Class Exercise 9/27

Wider Topic: Medical Benefits of Genetic Engineering


I searched for the following key words, “
genetic engineering AND medical benefits
”, in the
following databases:


This database included both ethical
concerns and scientific experiments on
the benefits of genetic engineering, but the focus was mostly on humans and cloning.
This helped, because I am more interested in the medical benefits of genetic


Web of Science:

This database definitely i
ncluded the most scientific experimental
articles with regards to what I was looking for. Most of the articles pertained to specific
benefits, with specific experiments associated with them. I prefer this database to the
other two I used, because it is mor
e science based, as opposed to opinion/ethic


Science Direct:

I found an article on this database about genospirituality, which was
about genetic engineering for spiritual and religious enhancement

I thought this was
not a very science based topic
. However I also found an article on the benefits of tissue
engineering, which may be a possible narrower focus on my broad topic.

All in all, I think it was very helpful to search in different databases for the same keywords. I didn’t
realize how differen
t and varied the results would be. It is also interesting to note how some databases
are more fact
based in scope, while others vary from ethical concerns to experiments as well. Most of
the articles from all the databases followed the same standard scien
tific journal layout.


When I placed the same search “
genetic engineering AND medical benefits
” into google scholar,
I noticed that most of the articles it generated were regarding ethical issues with genetic
engineering. For example, the articles that show
ed up contained phrases such as “ethical
concerns”, “morality of…”, “dilemmas”, “risks and benefits”, etc. as opposed to information of
specific examples of benefits of genetic engineering, which is what I was looking for.