Biotech Chapter 1 Review


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Chapter 1 Review



think that increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is harming amphibian
populations. Write a hypothesis and a prediction stating that UV radiation is harmful to amphibians.
Hypothesis 1: excessive amounts of ultraviolet (UV) radiation can harm or

kill amphibian eggs.
Hypothesis 2: excessive amounts of UV radiation can make adult amphibians ill or cause them to die.
Prediction: exposing amphibian eggs and adult amphibians to high levels of UV radiation will harm or kill
amphibian eggs or adult amph

Briefly describe recent scientific advances in treating an finding a cure for cancer. Scientists have
identified risk factors for many cancers and also have discovered that most cancers result from a
breakdown in the mechanism that controls cell di
vision. Scientists have developed drugs that stick to
and “gum up” cell proteins that mis
regulate cell division.

Explain why there is no absolute certainty or scientific “truth” in a theory. The possibility always remains
that future evidence will cause
a theory to be revised or rejected. A scientist’s acceptance of a theory is
always conditional.

How does the publication of research in a scientific journal benefit scientists? Scientists can use
information in an article in a scientific publication to de
velop or modify their own hypotheses. They can
also use the information to repeat the experiments and confirm the author’s results. Science journals
provide a means of communication for scientists all over the world.

Concepts to Consider

An organisms

is all of the chemical reactions that it carries out in order to run the processes
of life.

John Harte determined that snowmelt in the mountains of west
central Colorado released high levels of

Diet, exposure to chemicals, and tobacco use can

all affect a person’s chances of developing

A possible cure for cystic fibrosis uses a technique called


Parents produce offspring through

All living things maintain a balance within their cells and the environment thr
ough the process of

The transfer of genetic traits from parent to offspring is known as


is the smallest unit capable of all life functions.

The development of vaccines that target two or more parts of a virus at the same
time is a method that
researchers hope will
halt the spread of AIDS.

The basic unit of heredity is a

During a scientific investigation, a researcher generally forms a hypothesis and makes
predictions after
collecting observations.

To run the processe
s of life, all living things require

A theory, in the scientific sense, is
a set of tested and confirmed related hypothesis.

Vocabulary Words

: an educated guess based on what is already known

West Nile virus
: an emerging disease


: a tool used to increase world food supply

Dependent variable
: variable that is measured in an experiment

Independent variable
: a factor that is changed in an experiment

Human Genome Project
: allowed scientists to read every human gene

: the expected outcome of a test