Oracle 10g Application Development Framework

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12 nov. 2013 (il y a 7 années et 11 mois)

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Oracle 10g Application Development Framework (5 Days)

Concepts taught
• Build applications using ADF Business Components (ADF BC), ADF Faces, and ADF
databinding using Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 3
• Develop entity objects, view objects, and pages with ADF Faces.
• Build pages to support multi-page transactions
• Deploy an ADF application to Oracle Application Server 10g R3
• Utilize and create web services with ADF BC

• Developers
• Oracle Forms Developers
• Java Developers
• Technical Consultants

Course Outline

1. Oracle ADF Overview
MVC concepts
ADF architecture
Introduction to ADF Business Components
Introduction to ADF Faces
ADF data binding concepts

2. Application Pageflow
The JSF and ADF relationship
Creating a simple JSF Page
JSF navigation cases and diagrams
Diagram notes and attachments

3. ADF Faces Components
User Interface (UI) components
A closer look at ADF Page structure
Rich Internet components
The UIResources file

4. ADF Rich Faces Form Widgets
Working with Choice Menus
Single and Multiple Selection Choices
Radio Buttons
Check Boxes
Command buttons and command links

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5. ADF Layout Concepts
Panel layout overview
PanelForm Layout

6. ADF Rich Faces Navigation Components
Working with menus
Menu component
MenuBar component
Train flow

7. ADF Business Components
Database connections
Applications, project and application structure
Entity Objects
View Objects
Application Modules – adding objects
The ADF BC Browser
Debugging business components
Customizing Entity Objects
Business components security

8. Developing Entity Objects
The entity object data model
Attribute default values
Entity associations
Data model validation
Custom properties
The application model container
Entity Object/ and table relationships

9. View Objects
Creating view objects
SQL statements view objects
Attribute definition customizations
Linking view objects
Creating and passing parameter values

10. Managing Application Modules
Application module components
Nesting application modules
Exposing custom methods
Modeling relationship types
Renaming views and associations
Creating data controls
Application module best practices

Peak Solutions, Inc. 125 N. Enola Dr, Suite 202, Enola, PA 17025 717-541-1357

11. Binding UI Components to Data Sources
Adding lookup view objects to the application module
Using ADF databinding
Binding data using ADF
The Binding Editor

Custom data controls

12. Developing a Simple ADF Faces Page
The Page Outline
Adding UI Components to a Page
Edit and View Buttons
Creating and using command buttons
Running and Testing a Page

13. A Master-Detail Page Example
Creating the Data View
Developing the Basic user interface
The master form component
Notes panel
The detail table component
Linking the page

14. Transactions
Creating a new record from a page
Creating the data view components
Developing the “create” page
Developing the “confirmation” page
Developing the “done” page
Passing values between two pages in a transaction

15. Passing Values within a Page
Defining a search method view object
Creating a search form for search criteria
Binding a list of values (LOV) using the page definition
Setting LOVs as dynamic or static
Displaying the returned records

16. Creating Application Events in JSF
The JSF Lifecycle
Event listeners
Validating JSF components
Converting data
Action Listeners

17. Deploying ADF Applications
ADF deployment options
Deploying an ADF application
Exporting methods from view objects and application modules
Deploying an application module to Oracle Application Server 10g

18. Web Services and ADF Applications
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
Web services
Calling a web service from an ADF application
Exposing an ADF application module as a web service

Peak Solutions, Inc. 125 N. Enola Dr, Suite 202, Enola, PA 17025 717-541-1357

19. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting basics
Testing clients
Tools and utilities