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14 mai 2015 (il y a 6 années et 6 mois)

2 774 vue(s) Step to call center Kit was designed so that call center managers could provided with an easy call center documents, business plan & contact center strategy.

Call Center For Customers

Caring Your Customers is
Few Steps From Here

Increase Your Productivity

Efficiently execute hundreds of common Call Center business tasks.

Save Effort

Don't start from scratch anymore, simply fill in the blanks!

Save Money

Use reliable do
yourself Reports & Templates. All Documents have been written by Experts.

Save Time

Spend much less time writing and focus on your core activities.

Act and Sound Professional

Project a professional and polished corporate image with high quality documents.

The problem is that the subject of “call center Industry” is HUGE… and you can literally write an encyclopedia worth of
information on each and every tactic a call center business can use to successfully. As there are thousands of Books
out there touching the call center business, at times it becomes mind boggling and more frustrating than anything else.

What’s the best way for my call center business?

Can I afford it?

Are the returns worth it?

How to set it up?

What team do I need, How can I choose them?

Are there any special trainings required, what are they?

How can I operate my call center business efficiently?

Of course, the best question to ask yourself would be, “What’s the most time and cost effective ways to Set Up and
operate my call center business?”

What Is CRM?

1. CRM For Newbie’s

A Quick overview Customer Relationship Management

presentation takes you through:

Market Status at present

What is CRM?

Why do you need CRM and why its a must to start using it in your business?

Customer Pyramid

Customer quadrant loyalty vs value

How to Put your Customer Relationship Management business strategy goals

Process improvement in CRM


Product and customer strategies

The strategies of CRM Management

Determining the CRM Management “maturity levels”

Evolving business processes to customer centricity

The inter
related aspects of Customer Relationship Management

The core CRM Management areas

CRM Cake

Customer Life cycle Map

Failure to Achieve Business Benefits

Info Media Consultancy

Step To Call Center



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