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Elena Kruglikova,
Kola environmental center

Oil and gas development

in the Russian Arctic

Hamar 27.August 2011

Situation today in Russia

The Russian Federation
has one of the largest oil
and gas reserves in the
world. More than 34% of
natural gas reserves and
approximately 13% of the
world's proven oil reserves
are located on the territory
of Russia

Situation today in Russia

Oil and gas complex in
Russia is one of the
locomotives of economic
growth in the country and
has one of the maximum
investment multipliers.

Also the oil and gas complex
provides a significant part of
revenues to the budget of
the Russian Federation

Situation today in Barents Arctic

Russia has very serious
intention to develop Arctic as
a big oil
gaz industrial
region. International
economical forums that took
place in Murmansk and
Arkhangelsk during last 2
years give place to the
discussion of different
problems of this process.

Situation today in Barents Arctic

KEC Historical background

Information about oil

Our work with oil
gaz subject has started in 2002 when
in mass
media appeared information that the oil
pipeline will go to the open in winter port Murmansk
from the West Siberia .

First steps of activity of KEC/GAIA

Of course our organization decided to follow this
process. We
made a workshop and decided that it is rather
uneffective to fight against oil
gaz industry alone.
Forces are very different.

Northern Coalition members

«Kola environmental centre»

«Kola biodiversity centre»

«Nature and Youth»

«Bellona Murmansk»

Barents office of WWF

«Aetas» from Arkhangelsk

«Saami of Murmansk region»

Northern Coalition members

Waiting for membership:

Russian Socio
Ecological Union

Kola regional organisation «Eco dialog»

Work of Northern Coalition

There were developed:


a platform for joint activity,


a mechanism of rotation of the secretary
of NK,


rules how to take a new members.

Northern coalition


Members act from the name of NC only
if all of them agree otherwise each
member act from its own name;

Member is facing out of NC if it acts
against the platform;

Secretary is elected for one year from
one organization by turn.

Northern coalition

main goal

Minimization of ecological risks and
damage to nature and social

environment from the the influence of
the development of operation and
transportation of oil and gas for
sustainable development of Barents

Northern Coalition



Dialogue with the authorities, industry and
local population involved in the process of the
development of oil
gas industry;


Support of demands of ngos to the oil


Support only safe to nature and to the
population economic development of the



t support the decision of the problems
made by the means of the other regions

Northern Coalition




Demands of non
governmental organizations towards oil
gas companies



Fight against



About protected
territories and rare species

Situation today:

One of the largest deposits in the world is
situated in the centre of the shelf zone
of the Russian sector of the Barents
sea, about 600 km NW from Murmansk.
The depth of the Barents sea in this
area is 340 m. Capacity is 3.9 trillion
cubic meters of gas and 56.1 million
tons of gas condensate.

Situation today:

In February 2008
Shtokman development


was formed. it has a right
for the the design, development,
construction, financing and operation of
the first phase of Shtokman gaz field. It will
be the owner of the infrastructure of the
first phase of the Shtokman project during
25 years since the field commissioning.

Situation today:










Situation today: Prirazlomnoe

This oil deposit was opened in 1989 in the
Sea Pechorskoe in 60 km from the

Village Varandey. Depth of the
sea is 19
Volume of oil deposits
are about


million tons. Beginning of
the work is planed for 2011.

Situation today: Prirazlomnaya

Marine platform


passing to the
Pechorskoe sea.

It belongs to LTD


by 100% daughter
of ОАО


Situation today: Prirazlomnaya

Platform will be
installed in the
distance of 50
kilometres from
Nenets reserve and
row of federal

Situation today: Prirazlomnoe

Conditions of the extraction and
transportation of highly complex:

reach up to 2 meters;

Situation today: Prirazlomnoe

Temperature air in a cold period may be
reduced to 40degree;

Possible strong winds up to 30 m/sec
and more;

Stable ice cover lasts up to 7 months;


The thickness of the ice cover may
reach up to 2 meters;


Situation today: Prirazlomnoe

May be formed hummocks thickness up
to 6
8 meters;


The number of storms reaches 22 in
the year with the average length

of each to 9 days;

The average wave height of about 4 m,

up to 13 meters.

Situation today: new challenge

During the last days appeared information
that Gazprom has a plan to build a new
oil refinery plant near Murmansk, on the
left side of the Kola bay.

This is quite a new challenge for us.

Situation today: NGO activity

National ngos of Russia and ngos of the
northern regions try to follow situation
on all levels and make activities trying
to response to all processes.

International activity: Arctic council

Before the meeting of Arctic Council that
took place this year in Greenland ngos
of all Arctic countries made a letters to
the Ministers of foreign affairs of their
countries were they urge to admit the
serious environmental risks associated
with the development of the Arctic and
ask to uphold the moratorium on
offshore drilling in Arctic seas.

NGO activity:dialogue with SHTAG

we have regular meetings where we got
information about the process;

we regularly participate in the public
hearings that in accordance with
Russian legislation are held on all
stages of the project development and
where we can make our comments.

NGO activity: against Prirazlomnoe

we made joint statement from several
national non
organizations: Union of bird
conservation of Russia, Social

Ecological Union, WWF Russia,
Greenpeace Russia with the demands:

NGO activity:against Prirazlomnoe

to stop installation of the platform
Prirazlomnaya and the construction of
another platforms in accordance with
the statement of Presidents about the
order of nature use in Arctic,

NGO activity:against Prirazlomnoe

to organize comprehensive discussion
of issues related to the preventing of oil
accidence in the Arctic,


to organize an open and
comprehensive discussion of the
environmental safety of the project.

NGO activity: position of President

The Position of the President presented in the meeting of the state
of Council on 9 June 2011 in the city Dzerzhinsk:

He gave the instructions about the need to ensure environmental
safety in the implementation of infrastructure projects on
exploration of oil production and transportation of hydrocarbons
on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation at the
expense of creation of mechanisms of financial security for oil
spill response, as well as "by establishing special regimes of
nature management in the Arctic zone of the RF, permitting the
possibility of production of oil in ice conditions only if the
operators have the proven methods of the response of oil spill
under the ice."

Local activity: White Sea accidence

Local events are also very important.

On may 7, 2011, in the Kandalaksha bay
of the White Sea there was fixed oil spill
as a result of the leakage on the oil

We made the relevant open statement
from the name of Northern coalition.

In the plans

public inspection

NGO activity: White Sea Ecodozor

Also we work with population especially with the
young part of population in the shore regions.

In the regional of the White Sea shore we are
forming volunteer groups that can be
attracted if the oil spill will take place.

What strategy should we take?

To stop the process of development of
industrialization of Russian Arctic

To stop a part of it? What part?

To follow it developing in a way friendly to

To influence in some other way?

What must we do?

explain to ourselves and to the rest
of the world what we lost and show
the value of these regions:

What must we do?

Renewable biological resources

Cultural and spiritual values that are
important for the modern civilization

Importance of these regions for the
climatic system of the planet

Possible Practical Activities

Organize expedition to these regions.

Start cooperation with indigenous
people and act together.



The most important

governmental organisations
should act together in Arctic


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