D3 Z7 ST For the 2010 tournament season the Z7 has been improved

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D3 Z7 ST For the 2010 tournament season the Z7 has been improved. With positive
design feedback from our D3 team skiers and an ever
present, burning desire to build
the finest ski on the water the new Z7 ST was born. One of the great things about
being a s
mall company is not being tied to traditional model year and marketing
schedule constraints. When new slalom technology is discovered we can immediately
deliver it to the marketplace. With this quick
strike design commitment in mind all
new hard

tooling mo
lds were manufactured for the new Z7 ST putting our best ski in
your hands today! The ST continues to expand upon the successful, innovative design
features of the Z7. With months of intense testing and feedback six important
improvements were engineered i
nto the new ST. The Z7 is the first D3 ski to feature
ZTM. Zero Tolerance Manufacturing. Designing the perfect ski shape is only half of the
slalom ski performance battle. Once the ski mold has been cut then it is time to
establish the rocker and flex targ
ets for the perfect ski. Once rocker and flex
parameters are finally identified reproducing the same ski over and over is always the
ultimate manufacturing challenge. During the production of each and every Z7, D3 has
reduced the tolerance of all critical
design parameters to virtually ZERO. This makes
each Z7 we produce the perfect slalom course specimen. No other manufacturer
comes anywhere close to our ski to ski consistency and day in and day out quality. The
proof is in the performance. Modified tail e
xit radius

Reduces water tension and drag
improving skier speed. Increased depth of tail concave

Absolutely eliminates tail
release or "tail blow” in extreme turn situations. Increased radius of the bevels from
the rear heel to the tail of the ski

lowing the ski to ride deeper in the water,
improving skier stability during the edge change and glide out to the buoy. Relocated
transition from rocker to flat spot

Places the fulcrum point between the skiers front
and rear foot putting the skier in comp
lete control of the turns. Modified concave as it
transitions to the outside edge

Improving the glide
out and stabilizing the edge
change, delivering course width without additional skier effort. Increased radius size of
front bottom bevels

Engages the f
ront rocker of the ski to help initiate the turn and
allows the skier to progressively build angle approaching the wake. Ski design legend
Denny Kidder and on
the water design engineer Will Bush have left no stone unturned
while teaming up to create the Z7

ST, the ultimate tournament ski. Feel the stability,
consistency, width and speed of the all new Z7 ST for yourself. Available today in a
junior 62” and 64” through 68” adult versions. Center Mass Load Distribution. The ski
is wider under your feet, creat
ing more support and improving overall glide.
Programmed Concave Transition. Creates stability during the edge change, eliminates
mature roll in. Progressive Radius Rails A small, flat area where the concave and
bottom bevel meet. Improves stability an
d control. Compound Radius Bevel Definition.
The most complex combination of increasing and decreasing radius bevels ever
produced. These compound radius bevels improve the stability of the ski throughout
the edge
change and turn. Delivering the rock

feel short line skiers demand.
Inside Radius Side
Cut. Improves turning, eliminates the "all at once” turn. ZTM (Zero
Tolerance Manufacturing). Improves individual ski consistency. Ski cloning is now
possible. Three stage rocker. All three zones are desig
ned independently for the
largest sweet
spot available. Symmetrical Turn Design. The tip to tail overall rocker,
platform placement (flat spot) and rise over distance is independently controlled and
measured to guarantee left and right turn symmetry. Left
and right foot forward skiers
will have the best turns available. No smoke and mirrors, the perfect blend of these
design parameters will result in a great turning ski on both sides. Available Sizes 64” /
65” / 66” / 67” / 68” (skis measured tip to tail al
ong the top following the contour)
Also available in 62” junior size. See junior skis. $1,299 blank . machine screw inserts,
Accuset fin block, fin blade and all mounting hardware included.

Recommended Men's weight ranges for Z7 ST

up to 30 mph 32 mph 3
4 mph 36 mph

64" up to 110 115
135 120
140 125

65" 115
145 125
155 140
160 145

66" 135
165 155
175 160
180 165

67" 160
180 170
190 180
200 185

68" 185
205 195
215 205
225 215

Skier ability and line lengths may affect recommendatio

Recommended Women's weight ranges for Z7 ST

up to 30 mph 32 mph 34 mph

64"up to 90 95
115 100

130 115
135 120

150 135
155 140

Skier ability and line lengths may affect recommendation