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14 déc. 2013 (il y a 4 années et 7 mois)

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BBS (Bulletin Board Service) е системата за разпространение на
технологични оферти(предлагане) и технологични заявки(търсене) на
мрежата Enterprise Europe Network. Чрез технологи
чния бюлетин можете
да намерите нови разработени технологии, необходими за разрешаване
на конкретни проблеми на вашето производство, както и да влезете в
контакт с фирми от страните, включени в мрежата, които търсят или
предлагат определена нова технология

За да получите координати на фирмата, подала офертата, е нужно да
попълните приложения
формуляр за проявен интерес

и да го изпратите




01. 13 KR 9A9E 3RPU TO

The developed compound is a first generic product of glaucoma
treatment, a well
known latanoprost ophthalmic solution. The compound utilizes latanoprost,
prostaglandin analogue to treat glaucoma. The Korean

company is looking for technical
cooperation for joint further development and commercial agreement with technical

02. 13 ES 28F9 3RRK TO

Spanish ICT company has developed a new communication
technology for mobile phone users, based on misse
d calls. It allows users to send and receive
messages without a mobile data plan, avoiding SMS charges. This technology is particularly
suitable for those countries in which mobile data plan is still not spread. The company is
willing to explore different
agreement possibilities such as licensing, technical cooperation
and financial resources.




03. 13 HR 89GM 3RMX TO

Innovator from Croatia has developed platform for learning
Croatian language that can be linked with other school subjects and its intent thr
ough playful
and interactive content. This innovative platform is using effective teaching methods and it is
developed for easier adoption, extension and repetition of grammar and spelling of Croatian
language. Innovators are looking for licensing and tech
nical cooperation with partners
interested in further development.

04. 13 ES 24D4 3S1H TR

A Spanish technical centre is building a consortium for a project
called Safe
Smoke to be submitted under the Manunet call. The purpose of Safe
Smoke is to
an innovative system of hot food smoking being safe, uniformly controlled, and
healthier, based on proven and reliable technology. They are looking for SMEs with expertise
in food smoking technology and processes.

05. 13 GB 4804 3RYU TO

A UK company has
developed a patent
pending, flood
sealing system which is compatible with most door & window types, whilst being
cosmetically unobtrusive. The company is offering IP licencing contracts to door and window
manufacturing partners.

06. 13 GB 4804 3R

A UK company has developed and patented a device which aids
the consistent application of liquid medication or eye drops to specific areas of the eye. It
minimises the possibility of infection or damage to the eye by preventing contact between the
spenser and the eye. A partner to manufacture, market and distribute under licence is

07. 13 ES 23D1 3RYH TO

A Spanish research centre has developed an innovative system
specialized in the design of customized insoles. This system allows designin
g footbeds using
different input data like foot measurements, the position of certain key points, foot meshes or
digitized insoles or lasts. This offers the possibility of generate customized insoles according
to the needs. The centre looks for partners to

establish license agreements or any other kind of
collaboration aimed to exploit the technology.

08. 13 PL 62AQ 3RWZ TO

The R&D unit together with 2 Polish companies have developed
a new method of mix for production of rubber goods e.g. cables, hoses, g
askets. The process
uses the sulfurless method that involves the specific component for mix production which is
the reclaimed rubber from post
production rubber wastes. The advantage of the offer is the
cost decrease as well as proecological activity.The t
echnology developers are looking for
partners from industry and R&D within technical cooperation.

09. 12 PL 62AQ 3RHV TO

A team of researchers and company from North
East Poland
developed the device for fat waste utilisation, especially animal fats. It c
an be used for the
utilisation of all types of animal fats, technical grease and other compounds. Use of the device
enables to recover energy that can be uses as electric current or heat energy (technological
heat). Inventors are looking for partners inter
ested in using the device in the enterprise
through a license agreement.

10. 13 ES 252K 3RYI TO

A research group of a Catalan university has developed a method
for extracting gliadins and glutenins from heat processed and non
heat processed foodstuffs,
nd more specifically a procedure to extract gluten from food products, compatible with an
enzyme immunosorbent assay, capable of detecting hydrosylated and non
gluten. They are looking for industrial partners interested in license, technical c
ooperation or
joint venture agreements.

11. 13 ES 252K 3RYD TO

A Catalan research group has developed a new technology to
improve the tracker of the maximum power point in photovoltaic generation. This
improvement is carried out by adding a phase process
ing unit that synchronizes the dithering
signals at the input and output of the tracker circuit thus allowing a faster tracking and a more
reliable and efficient operation of the solar generator. They are looking for partners interested
in a technical coop
eration or a license or commercial agreement.

12. 13 DE 1380 3RRH TO

A small German research and consultancy enterprise provides
expertise in sustainable agriculture and alternative crops for plant
based raw materials to
substitute fossil resources. They

offer crop research and support in business development. By
synthesis of agriculture and technology, full value chains of biobased economy can be
optimised for sustainability and profitability. The SME is mainly looking for technical or
commercial coopera
tions with need for technical assistance.

13. 13 ES 23D2 3RVB TO

A Spanish company specialized in fast microbiological detection
has developed a simple solution for laboratories testing Legionella. The device is validated by
ISO normative and certified b
y an authorized research institute. It easily allows a rapid,
reliable and simultaneous analysis at low cost without instrumentation. The company is
looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance to implement the test
in the contro
l of this pathogen. Other collaborations are possible.

14. 13 US 87GB 3RYA TR

A supplier of High Quality Small Appliances with headquarters
in the USA invites proposals for cost effective improvements in the durability of gears and
cutting surfaces in sm
all appliances. Deadline for submitting a short non
confidential proposal
is March 15, 2013. Funding for sample gear or cutting surfaces will be evaluated on a case
case basis. Potential to commercialize to production of over 1,000,000 units per year.

15. 13 NL 1D1D 3RY6 TO

International Organisation based in NL is offering a licence for
an innovative Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver patent. Common AIS receivers
which are usually used on ships have a message detection capability which is
more than one
order of magnitude worse for the same channel conditions. This innovative AIS system
comprises enhanced detection and channel estimation algorithms which also make it suitable
for applications with high Doppler detections from satellite, airp
lanes, etc)

16. 13 FR 35k9 3RX1 TO

A small French company has internationally patented a solution
composed of sorbitol and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for the cleaning and controlling of
infections in water, air and surfaces. That composition, highly stable
, is certified 100%
biologic: harmless to animals and plants, while at the same time efficient against disease
causing organisms. The possibilities of applications and sectors concerned are numerous.
License agreement, sectoral or territorial, is expected
with companies.

17. 13 ES 276D 3RXU TO

A Spanish Technology Based Company has developed a novel
waste collection management system to calculate the optimal route for garbage trucks based
on real time traceability data. The system is based in a wireless s
ensor network that provides
all the information needed. This system is specially adapted to inorganic garbage like papers
or glasses among others. The company is looking for licence agreement, technical cooperation
or commercial agreement with technical as

18. 13 ES 276D 3RXT TO

A Spanish SME has developed a smartbuoy to be used in a
network of underwater sensors. This innovation consists of a fixed environmental monitoring
system and independent support. The computer performs the acquisition and

transfer of
environmental parameters of the underwater environment for indefinite periods of time
allowing two
way communications in real time. They are seeking partners for licensing
agreement, technical cooperation and/or commercial agreements.

19. 13


A Korean SME has developed a mobile mirroring solution called
Ubiquitous Virtual Screen (UVS). This technology enables to expand the screen of
smartphone to the other smart devices by wireless technologies. It works between smartphone
car navigation and phone and phone mirroring. The company provides this service to the
Korean telecommunication operator and navigation vendors. The company is looking for an
overseas partner for licensing agreement and technical cooperation.

20. 13 ES 2

A Spanish SME has developed a system for monitoring physical
activity. The system provides wealthy information that will contribute to improve and
optimize the training process. Companies, universities, end users and investors from the fields
f Sport Science, Biomechanical Science, Rehab, Health, Workers/Employees, Biomechanics
Research, Training & Simulation, Industrial and Engineering & Robotics are sought for
licensing agreement, technical cooperation and/or commercial agreements.

21. 13 K

A Korean SME is a manufacturer of MEMS chips and fiber
optic components. The company provides MEMS scanner chips for E
OCT. Integrated in E
OCT probe, a MEMS scanner scans the taget objects such as tissues inside human organs in a
way showin
g 3
D images. This technology enables real time monitoring and diagonosing
illness. The company is looking for a partner for technical cooperation, manufacturing and
commercial agreement.

22. 13 NL 60AH 3RXO TO

A Dutch SME has developed a technology plat
form allowing
clinicians and therapists who are not specialized in measuring the brain, to do so using
ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG). By measuring the electrical brain activity, one can vastly
improve the accuracy of diagnosis of psychopathologies. The tech
nology also allows
evaluation and if necessary redirection of treatments based on quantitative EEG. The
company is looking for academic and industrial partners for joint further development.

23. 13 IE 51S6 3RXP TO

An Irish company specialising in render
and plaster technologies
has developed a guide and trowel system which allows professional plasterers to rapidly
reproduce Quoin
stone and similar stone effects in external plasterwork. The company have
manufactured and marketed the product on a limited sc
ale but are seeking manufacturing
partners to manufacture and commercialise the product based on a license agreement.

24. 13 SE 67CM 3RVM TO

An inventor and professional painter from Northern Sweden has
invented a (patent pending) system for storing roll
er covers that are in use, and reduces the
risk of dried out roller covers. The invention minimizes the environmental contamination
caused by painting. He is now looking for a license partners in order to bring the concept to
the market.

25. 13 SE 67CM 3

A University spin
off company from Northern Sweden has
developed a novel product for improved mass transfer in heterogenous reactions. Typical
applications lie within the biocatalyst field and the use of either whole cell systems or
immobilized enzy
mes.The company is now looking for companies in the need for a more
efficent use of biocatalysts. Possible cooperation forms could be commercial agreements,
technical cooperation or licensing.

26. 13 BE 0427 3RNK TO

A Flemish research centre has investig
ated electromagnetic pulse
welding of tubular products. The technology can join non
weldable materials, has a high
production rate and it is a contact
free. The research centre wishes to extend its knowledge
about this process towards welding of sheet mate
rials.They are looking for partners for further
development and new applications.

27. 13 IT 56Z7 3RXN TO

An Italian research centre has invented an electronic solar
compass which can be used to determine, with the best accuracy achievable today, the
ction of an observed point with respect to true north.Its main advantages are the accuracy,
the low production cost and the applicability in all regions of the world.The proposer is
looking for industrial partner/research organization for engineering or ad
aptation/ integration
to other instruments.

28. 13 ES 28G2 3ROZ TO

A public research organization of Spain has developed a method
of tracking and identification for laboratory animals, useful in experiments where animals of
the same species and size movi
ng freely. One can differentiate the trajectory of several
individuals that interact in the same space simultaneously determined from a video. It is
validated in mice, Drosophila, Zebrafish and Medaka. They look for companies interested in
licensing this t

29. 13 ES 23D2 3RXJ TO

A Spanish inventor has developed a new security system to avoid
accidents by using dangerous machinery. The invention consists of a small device installed in
the machinery. This device makes possible to stop automaticall
y the machinery in dangerous
situations. The inventor is seeking partner for a license agreement.

30. 13 ES 276D 3RSG TO

A Spanish SME, has developed a PLC (Programmable Logic
based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to v
manage and monitor olive oil making process. This tool allows remote access to the system as
well as communication between multiple geographically dispersed facilities (centralized
monitoring and remote assistance if necessary). They are interested in

technical cooperation
and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

31. 13 ES 27F3 3S0J TR

A Spanish company is looking for partners and sponsors for EU
Proposals. The company will develop a system for automatic exercise prescriptions with
al professional scalable, traceable and progressive control, empowering the patient or
user. They will develop modules tailored to different needs: chronic diseases, pre and
post surgery, in different disciplines (training at workplace), with disabilit
ies.Partners sought:
ICT companies active in promoting and using ICT platforms.

32. 13 ES 276D 3RSH TO

A Southern Spanish R&D Center has developed an innovative
device for calculating automatically curves wrapping of industrial tools. The device gets a
ectorial curve through a tool image that matches with the envelope curve of this one. The
vectorial curve can be used in CNC (computer numerical controlled) cutting machines and
CAD/CAM tools. This device calculates a great quality vectorial curve in short

time. They are
looking for a license or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

33. 13 ES 276D 3RXL TO

An andalusian spin
off specialized on Multibody System
Dynamics developes advanced mechanical systems simulation tools. Important advantages
re the reduction of costs when redesigning a mechanical system or planning a critical
maneuver. Simulation tools help at designing and testing operating assitance systems. They
are looking for industrial partners for technical cooperation agreements and co

34. 13 DE 1067 3RXK TO

A German university together with an engineering company has
developed a fully automated technology for the separation of plastic foils and other thin two
dimensional material from recycling waste streams. Based

on the principal of low and excess
pressure it is realized by a unit of two rotating drums, each with one sucking and one blowing
zone and a gap between them. It can easily be added to existing waste sorting plants. Partners
in waste sorting/recycling are

sought for technical cooperation

35. 13 DE 1067 3RX4 TO

A German SME has developed and manufactured modular
systems for the professional pipeline and sewer inspection, applicable for sewers, water, gas,
oil pipes etc. The technology is based on a specif
ic optical CCTV (Closed
Circuit TV)
inspection system. The company is interested in the technology transfer of its pipeline
inspection products. Partners sought: industrial manufacturers and operators of pipelines,
providers of energy as well as water and
sewage disposal systems.

36. 13 HU 5010 3RWU TO

A Hungarian SME has developed an industrial
scale soybean
sprouting technology with a unique patented composition. Its end product is a top quality,
cheap, meat equivalent food raw material. It can be appli
ed in different areas of food industry.
The company offers exclusive production rights, short payback period, huge market potential.
Partners for licensing the technology and know
how or for joint venture to build and manage
production plants in non
an territories are awaited.

37. 13 HU 50S5 3RWV TO

A Hungarian SME has developed an ultra light
weight, foldable,
electric scooter which can revolutionize urban traffic. It meets the increased needs for
mobility and extends it even in crowded urban traff
ic. The similar vehicles only contains
some of the main features of this unique vehicles. The client is looking for an investment to
finish the R&D activities, to start production and/or finding suitable license partners.

38. 13 GB 42O1 3RWW TO

A UK base
d university has developed a computer interface
connected with 3D virtual world which allows therapists to stipulate specific movements from
the older users in order to interact with the virtual environment, and allows users to perform
complex activities i
n the virtual world without requiring conventional IT skills. Health care
providers are sought for testing and integration in their telehealth provisions.

39. 12 LT 57AB 3R9T TR

SME from Lithuania working in the field of various plastic
products producti
on, is looking for technology for three
layer plastic containers production.
The company wants to implement the searched technology in its production process.

40. 13 LT 57AB 3RWI TO

SME from Lithuania created unique fleet management and car
security solu
tion with Iphone and Android phone application. It is a brand new unique product
in Europe and helps businesses on the go to track and manage activities in the field. The
system works globally, is very flexible and easy to use. The Lithuanian company is lo
for partners who want to implement the technology. Commercial agreements with technical
assistance and license are offered.

41. 13 LT 57AB 3RWH TO

A Lithuanian SME created a novel technology for remote
monitoring of vending machines. It offers owne
rs of vendors real
time information about
sales and stocks inside the vending machines. The Lithuanian company is looking for partners
who want to implement the technology. Commercial agreements with technical assistance and
license are offered.

42. 13 L

A Lithuanian SME, one of the biggest producers of additional
automotive and telemetry equipment in Baltic States, created a novel GPS fleet management
system. In comparison to existing systems, GPS fleet management system has better technica
characteristics and reliability.The Lithuanian company is looking for partners who want to
implement the system in practice.

43. 13 ES 2409 3S0H TR

A Spanish company is looking for partners in order to prepare a
proposal for the next EUROSTARS call. Th
e project focuses on developing a new and
innovative concept of solar hybrid thermal
photovoltaic facade, which combines the ability to
generate on
site energy with other properties associated to passive thermal comfort. SMEs
with expertise in renewable en
ergy, monitoring of thermal and electric parameters and
hidraulic installations on buildings are needed.

44. 12 FR 38m5 3QWW TO

A French company has developed an ultrasonic device to assess
the biomechanical stability of dental implants, which has been v
alidated in vivo. At present,
the French team is looking for partners (companies or academic group) interested in a
licensing agreement, a technical cooperation or a joint venture.

45. 13 IL 80EP 3RXF TR

An Israeli company is using a novel technology to
produce Syngas
out of CO2 using solar energy. The company aims at using the Syngas to produce synthetic
fuel. The company is looking for a technology for methanol production from Syngas at a high
efficiency rate and low production cost. The plant should pr
oduce approximately 200 tons of
methanol per day (80.000 tons per year) however larger production plants are of interest as
well. Technology can be in a late development stage or fully devloped.

46. 13 IL 80EP 3RTO TO

An Israeli based start
up has develo
ped a novel VLSI
scale integration) technology which is expected to bring high performance GaAs
(Gallium arsenide) based MEMS switches and to enable RF
CMOS (Complementary Metal
Oxide Semiconductor) based MEMS tunable devices in order to s
olve a major and acute
limitation for the cellular radio front
end market. The company is looking for industrial
partners interested in further development and fabrication of this technology.

47. 13 FR 38m5 3RX8 TO

A French University Hospital based in P
aris has identified a
process enabling an in
vitro prognosis of a stoppage of bleeding in a patient suffering from
partum hemorrhage (PPH)

the most common cause of maternal mortality. This process
makes the prognosis easier, thus sparing the use of
too many and useless invasive procedures.
The research institute is looking for industrial partners interested in a licensing agreement and
willing to put this device on the market.

48. 13 FR 38m5 3RX9 TO

A French University Hospital based in Paris has d
evelopped a
novel therapeutic approach for pulmonary hypertension, using Serotonin transporter inhibitor
HTT). Currently, there is no treatment to treat effectively this disease. The research
institute is looking for industrial partners interested in li
censing agreements and willing to
market this solution.

49. 13 ES 276D 3RTY TO

A Spanish company has developed an innovative substrate for
growing mushrooms (oyster mushroom

Pleurotus ostreatus) based on olive oil mill waste
that increases reseistance
to infection and shows better biological efficiency than traditional
substrates. The company is looking for partners working in the agriculture sector in order to
achieve commercial agreements with technical assistance as well as technical cooperation.

0. 13 FR 38n0 3RWA TO

A French SME, specialized in composites processing, has
developed an industrial process that is able to integrate different functions to a thermoplastic
composite part (for example stamping, over
moulding, inserts
moulding, metal part
inserting) in a single process operation.The process is particularly relevant to the aerospace
and automotive industries.Therefore the company is looking for technical cooperation,
manufacturing agreements, and commercial agreements with technical assist

51. 13 HR 89GM 3RMU TO

Small Croatian company developed a device for filling natural
or artificial intestine with minced or chopped meat in production of all kinds of sausages that
are supplied to consumers. The device allows faster and easier prep
aration of product, as well
as cheaper solution compared to other solutions available on the market. The device is
consisted of several smaller parts with broad applicability for filling various products.
Innovator is looking for partners to license the te

52. 12 HR 89GR 3RKZ TO

Croatian inventor has developed a laptop computer transport bag
and holder for stand
up work. The subject of the offer is licensing agreement for exploitation
of invention worldwide. Invention enables a person to carry la
ptop and to use it while
standing. It is developed as a functional prototype and ready for demonstration. Invention is in
patent pending process. It is easy to use, compact and attracive in design. Inventor is seeking
partner with great potential for produ
ction of bags.

53. 12 HR 89GR 3RKS TO

Croatian inventor in the field of medicine has developed a
medical device (curved dilator) that is used in treatment of patients in intensive care who
suffers from drainage problems in chest. The present invention pr
ovides accurate and easily
set up a wire
guide to drain into the desired quadrant of the patients chest. Inventor is looking
for partner who is able to set up production for invention and distribute it internationally
trough well established distribution c
hannels (under license).

54. 13 FR 38n0 3RW6 TR

A French SME, expert in thermoplastic composites hot pressing,
has developed competences in the analysis of thermoplastics behaviour during vehicle crash
test operations. The company wants to improve its kn
owledge on vehicle crash
thermoplastics, to better understand how thermoplastics behave during vehicle crash
operations, and to upgrade its own database and explicit simulation software.It looks for
technical cooperation and is open to manuf
acturing and commercial agreements

55. 13 FR 35k9 3RX2 TO

A French SME has internationally patented and launched into the
market a new type of biocide, based on Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2, and certified 100%
organic, for sanitizing and decontamination of wat
er, air and surfaces. That high stable
product, suitable for food contact and biodegradable, has a large panel of applications on
human, environment, vegetal, process, materials. Commercial agreement with technical
assistance is expected.

56. 13 CZ 0746

A Czech SME, a biotech company has developed a highly
efficient plant resistance inducer/improver ensuring persistently high productivity of
agricultural crops as well as successful growth of fruits and vegetables cultivated under
naturally non
imal conditions such as drought, flooding, low or high temperatures, sudden
weather changes, chemical stress and more. The company is searching for partners for signing
a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

57. 13 ES 27F3 3RZX TR

A Spanish re
search centre is looking for partners to develop new
energy recovery systems from rice waste. The project proposes transforming rice waste into
other resources used for energy generation. Technological partners are sought with capacities
to develop specifi
c technology for the recovery of such wastes.

58. 13 ES 28G2 3RWK TO

A Spanish public research organization has patented a multifocal
intraocular lens (IOL), which provides a spectacle
free optimized visual quality after cataract
surgery, in a wide range

of intermediate distances. The patients who are implanted with this
lens will enjoy a high optical quality of vision independent of light conditions. Industrial
partners in the ophthalmologic sector to manufacture and commercialize this technology

a patent license agreement are being sought.

59. 13 HU 50S0 3RSR TO

A Hungarian SME has developed knitted work safety and goods
protection gloves to complement work safety and fire
fighter garments. Their main advantage
is that they are available in a w
ide range and are able to fulfil the needs of several industries
or trades. They are also suitable for silicone glove production. The technology is most suitable
for fire departments, electronic companies and laboratories. The company is looking for a
ner for the production of dipped work safety gloves.

60. 13 ES 24D8 3RWO TO

A Spanish university has developed new numerical simulation
software able to solve electromagnetic problems such as electrostatics (2D and 3D), direct
current (2D and 3D), magnet
ostatics (2D), transient magnetics (2D) and eddy currents (2D,
3D and axisymmetrics). It eases the simulation of electromagnetic process in both industrial
and research cases and can be easily used by non expert users. The university would like to
sign a l
icense agreement.

61. 13 DE 0855 3RWL TO

A German university identified an efficient, codon optimized
protein expression, secretion and detection system for the green microalga Chlamydomonas
reinhardtii. Advantages include continuous production, easy pur
ification and sustainability
conditions. Applications are in pharmaceutical, food and feed industry. Industrial licensees
from these sectors are sought.

62. 13 ES 24D8 3RWN TO

A Spanish university has developed a new modular platform for
telemonitoring o
f patients at home. It offers different functionalities such as acquisition and
processing of several physical signals (ECG, SaO2) or parameters (weight, blood pressure),
management of prescribed therapy (identification of medicine, dosage) or fulfillment
questionnaires proposed to the patient. The system reduces costs and save time of patients and
hospitals. The university would like to sign a license agreement.

63. 13 ES 24D8 3RWM TO

A Spanish university has developed a new system able to enrich
ational content with information available in the cloud of linked data, and specifically in
the DBpedia. It automatically analyses a document, identifies its relevant terms, and then
searches for the corresponding instances in DBpedia. In this way it reduc
es costs of enriching
a document with reliable information. It is applicable to any structured or unstructured
document. The university would like to sign a license agreement.

64. 13 RB 1B1N 3RRT TO

A Serbian company has developed new concepts of wind an
tidal turbines for tidal and wind kinetic energy conversion. Advantages over conventional
turbines are smaller size with much higher productivity, higher reliability, smaller vibrations,
lower noise and lower sensitivity to unexpected wind direction chan
ges. The company seeks
industrial partners interested in Licensing, JV or Commercial Agreement with Technical
Assistance and research institutes for Technical cooperation.

65. 13 NL 60AH 3RWE TO

A Dutch SME has developed a technology that enables
ng of (tumor
) specific membrane proteins by using different classes of moieties. The
moieties are labeled with radio
active as well as near
infrared fluorescence probes. This
technology allows highly efficient and reliable image guided surgery which is su
perior to
conventional surgical methods. The SME seeks technical cooperation with industrial and
research partners that are in need of custom labeling and subsequent surgical methods.

66. 13 GB 42O1 3RWD TO

A UK based university has developed a force sen
sing floor
together with several software applications able to measure people_s performance to improve
balance and encourage movement through games or for review by clinical professionals. The
university is looking for research centre and or companies to i
nvestigate different applications
domains and discuss possible commercial cooperation with technical assistance.

67. 13 SE 67CL 3RW1 TO

A Swedish SME in the e
health sector has developed a
management system that will shorten waiting times for the initial

medical assessment. The
based system has been developed and tested major hospitals in Sweden. The system has
been validated in both hospital and pre
hospital settings.The company is looking for
industrial/academic partners interested in adaption/devel
opment of the system to local
language and administrative approach, prior to implementation and also licensing of the

68. 13 RU 86FG 3RV8 TO

A company from Novosibirsk region, Russia, developed a highly
effective biogas plant to process organic wa
ste at livestock farms. Introduction of biogas plant
at a farm can solve the problem of waste disposal, make it environmentally friendly; provide
cheap electricity and high
quality fertilizers. The company is looking for partners for a joint
venture or a c
ommercial agreement with technical assistance.

69. 13 EE 21B9 3RW3 TO

Estonian scientists have developed a method and device for long
term monitoring of cardiovascular parameters. The device can be applied in everyday
activities of a patient and does not

disturb the life of the patient. In addition to monitoring, the
device performs analysis of acquired data, enabling diagnosis of the cardiovascular system.
Licensing agreement and joint further development agreements are sought.

70. 13 ES 23D1 3RW9 TO


Spanish company focused on design, development, production
and distribution of videogames, has developed an engine of 2D/3D video games and mobile
applications that operates as a black box and consumes and processes the output data to
different target pla
tforms. They look for companies and teams interested in adapting this
engine to own needs in order to develop videogames and/or applications.

71. 13 ES 23D2 3RTF TO

Spanish researchers have developed a novel device able to
determine individual amounts of

gases in a binary mixture which are being adsorbed
simultaneously on a porous solid. It is a practical and economical device that reduces
drastically analysis time and it can be used in the following industrial sectors: environmental,
energy, catalysis, g
as storage, etc. Both factors make its commercialization very easy.
Researchers are looking for companies acquiring this technology for commercial purposes

72. 13 BE 0213 3RWB TR

A Belgian SME is looking for a specific process to disinfect
textile and fl
exible foam. All these are post
consumer products and the goal is to find out an
economic way to clean and disinfect them. It could be old seats (example: from cars),
mattresses and furniture. The process should take into account that the purpose is to per
mit to
these products to be reused. Different kinds of collaboration are sought.

73. 13 IT 52T6 3RUI TR

An Italian company producing propellers for the luxury yacht
market is seeking technologies for producing and assembling a modular propeller with
angeable blades. Such blades have to be screwed or interlocked with the centre hub,
allowing easy removal and fixing of every single element. Proposed technologies should
apply to propellers with a diameter up to 2000 mm. The technology requested can eithe
r be at
the laboratory stage or fully developed.

74. 13 LT 57AB 3RTS TR

Lithuanian SME working in the sewing of working clothing
sector is looking for different types of sewing machines which are able to sew on different
textile materials. Sewing machine
s should be for thin, moderate and heavy fabrics to sew. The
company is looking for the partner for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

75. 13 LT 57AB 3RVA TR

Lithuanian power plant specializes in the production of heat from
geothermal wate
r. Since the plant started its activities, it is facing problems of geothermal
water injection. The power plant is looking for the company working in the field of
geothermal wells maintenance; the potential partner should be developed time proved
y of geothermal water injection intensification.Industrial/research partners are
sought for technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement.

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