Sexual Addiction Treatment New York


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SATTI pioneered the treatment of sexual addiction in New York city, starting in 1992.

Sexual Addiction Treatment New York

From the Roots to the Recovery: a 10
Day Intensive Outpatient Program for
Recovery from Sexual Addiction

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Our Staff

We are a group of established psychotherapists trained in the field of addiction who
specialize in both treating sexual addiction and in teaching other professionals how to
diagnose and treat thi
s problem. In our work, we integrate psychodynamic modalities with
the pragmatic methodologies of

the 12
Step self
help groups.

Our staff includes a board
certified consulting psychiatrist, a psychologist, a rabbi, and
social workers skilled in individual
, couples, and group therapy.

Answers to Your Questions

How Did I Get Here?

Shame, Guilt, Self
hate, despair . . .

These are some of nightmare feelings that follow the
highs of repetitive sexual acting
out for sex addict. Over time, as with all additions,

highs become brief and satisfying, and the negative consequences become more extensive
and longer lasting. Eventually, the chaos becomes almost constant. Actiong
out escalates as
the addict, caught in this vicious cycle
, seeks

to escape from the dis
tress the relapses
themselves now cause. Most sex addicts have no idea how this cycle came to play such
ruinous role in their lives.

They struggle, often in isolation and shame, with question such

Why do I have this addiction?

Is it myfault?

• What c
an I do to escape its


• Am I the only one who struggles

with this problem?

• Why do I continue to act in ways

that violate my personal values

and beliefs?

• How can I ever tell the truth about

what I have done?

• Will I ever be ab
le to forgive myself or be forgiven for the harm

I have caused?

• Is i
t too late to get my life back?

• Is there any hope for me?

What Is Sex Addiction?

Sexual addiction is defined as repetitively engaging in compulsive sexual behavior and/or
obsessive sexual fantasy despite the fact that there are serious adverse consequences in a
major life area. Relationship intimacy, family stability, professional stat
us, reputation,
emotional well
being, financial security, and physical health are all risked in the pursuit of
the sexual high.

Like alcohol to an alcoholic or cocaine to a drug abuser, sex and fantasy function very much
as a drug for the sex addict, prod
ucing the same powerful euphoria, then numbing, and
finally depression and despair.

Given that the estimates of the prevalence of sexual addiction range from 12 to 15 million
Americans, the sex addict could be almost anyone: the foreman on the assembly li
ne, the
secretary at the next desk, the lawyer in the next office, the baseball hero, or the parish
priest. Sexual addiction cuts across gender lines and affects people at every socioeconomic
level. Recovery from sexual addiction is not about "bad people

getting good, but sick
people getting well."

Is There Help for Me?

Our 10
day outpatient intensive, From the Roots to the Recovery, is based on our
identication of a key set of factors commonly found in the early years of those individuals
who become sex addicts. The
se factors, which interfere with and distort healthy
attachment, make the development of a sexual addiction an almost logical outcome. If left
unacknowledged and untreated, these root causes can negatively impact the sex addict at
all stages of the recove
ry process and undermine even the most sincere efforts to get and
stay sexually sober.

Is Your Program for Me?

From the Roots to the Recovery is designed to meet the needs of sex addicts who:

are in the early, crisis stages of recognizing their sexual addicti
on, and/or

are unable to maintain sobriety despite conventional therapeutic treatment, and/or

wish to potentiate their recovery process through an intensive treatment focus,

have family and career responsibilities that necessi
tate their engaging in a short
term but
rehab experience neartheir home base

Is Your Program for My Family Too?

SATTI offers intensive resources to support the family as well, as they face this traumatic
time o
f discovery and early recovery.

Prior to the addict's admission, a family mee
ting will be held in order to incorporate all
members' concerns into the 10
day treatment process. Ongoing group, family, couples, and
individual treatment are also available to help establish and maintain the family’s stability
and well

What Is SATTI?

SATTI pioneered the treatment of sexual addiction in New York city, starting in 1992. Since
that time, the depth of our clinical e
xpertise and experience, joined with our compassionate
and nonjudgmental approach, has led to our reputation as the foremost treatment facility
for sexual addiction in the New York metropolitan area.

From the beginning SATTI has been committed to moving
beyond the

kind of treatment
that focused only on helping sex addicts stop their destructive behaviors. We realized that
it was essential for us to also provide a deeper healing process if our clients were to
achieve the truly transformative recovery they d

SATTI works closely with referring therapists before and during thei
r clients' IOP
and carefully coordinates aftercare plans with them.

Will Insurance Provide Coverage?

Insurance may cover all or part of this treatment, but since policies vary, it is necessary for
participants to check with their provider for accurate information as to coverage.

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