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Michele Roberts

Lab 3: Get Functional!

September 17, 2007

2.1 Installation

2.1.1 Installation shall be automatically initiated when the product CD is inserted.

2.1.2 Progress indicators shall be displayed to the user.

The user shall be prompted to confirm a default directory structure; if disconfirmed, the
user shall be allowed to indicate another installation location

2.1.4 Upon activating the Hovitar for the first time, the user will input the unique 20
digit code
cluded with their Hovitar model. In the event that the pre
programmed 20
digit code and the code that is
inputted don’t match, the Hovitar will cease to activate. Should the pre
programmed 20
digit code and the code that is inputted match
the user will be directed to the login screen.

2.1.5 Initial login process The user will input a user name that is a minimum of 3 alphanumeric characters
and a maximum of 25 alphanumeric characters. The user will be asked to input a pas
sword ranging from 8 to 25 alphanumeric
characters, as well as symbols. The user will be asked to confirm the password by re
inputting it. The user will be prompted to turn on their Hovitar for the first time. Upon
turning the Hovitar on
, the user will be asked to place a finger upon the screen to make use of the
biometric finger sensor.

2.1.6 Voice recognition The user will have the option of using voice recognition software to speak
various words so that the Hovitar can store p
articular sound attributes in its database. The user will have the option of assigning a spoken name to them that the
Hovitar will speak to them when communication with the Hovitar is initiated. The spoken name will be
processed using the voice r
ecognition feature. After the spoken name has been confirmed, the user will speak other simple key
words as well for ease of use with voice commands.

2.1.7 Subsequent login process Once the initial login process (2.1.5) is complete, the u
ser will log in to their
Hovitar through a simple login screen consisting of user name and password verification. The characters
will be inputted through T9 input system. If voice recognition (2.1.6) is confirmed, the user may log in to their Hov
itar by
speaking their name and completing the biometric finger sensor check.