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Benefits of GMOs

Golden Rice

“Vitamin A deficiency is prevalent in many parts
of the world where poorer community
members rely on rice as their major food
source. People who lack adequate amounts of
this vitamin can have vision problems or even
blindness as a result” (Golden Rice).

Golden Rice

“Golden Rice was developed in the early 1990s
with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation
with the goal of creating rice that had beta

a vitamin A precursor

in the rice
grain. In its current form, Golden Rice contains
35 micrograms of beta
carotene per gram”
(“Golden Rice”).

Golden Rice

This GMO has helped with the reduction of cases of
blindness in many third world countries where
rice is a main or sometimes the only source of

"By incorporating vitamin A into the major crop that
is consumed, we would be able to make it
accessible to the majority of people in the area,"
said Dr. Michael
, associate professor of
pediatrics at the USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition
Research Center at BCM.

Research on GMOs

report released under the successive E.C. Framework
Programs for Research and Technological Development
from 1985 to
suggests that GM foods may be
even safer than regular foods. The research has not
found "any new risks to human health or the
environment, beyond the usual uncertainties of
conventional plant breeding," said the E.C., the E.U.'s
executive branch. The report combines over 15 years of
research, 81 projects and involves 400 teams from
many different disciplines, and represents a combined
Community financial contribution of
dollars” (“The Benefits”).

Bill Gates Backs Genetically Modified Food

GMOs not just for developing

“Food scientists have utilized Amylase and other
enzymes to reduce calories in beer. Thanks to
this technology calorie
conscious consumers
can enjoy 'light' beer. Moreover, genetically
altered foods, such as cooking oil, have been
produced to contain less saturated fat. This
technology, therefore, has been successful in
helping consumers combat high cholesterol, a
condition prevalent in many developed
countries” (“The Benefits”).

GMOs and Pesticides

“Reducing pesticide use through genetic
engineering could appeal to consumers. Not only
can pesticide and chemical use in agriculture
increase the toxicity of food, but aids to prevent
contaminated runoff, which leaks into ground
water. According to the U.S. FDA, "increases in
adoption of herbicide
tolerant soybeans were
associated with small increases in yields and
variable profits, and significant decreases in
herbicide use“” (“The Benefits”).

Food shortages

“The U.N. development program believes GM crops
can benefit farmers and consumers. Without GM
technology in agriculture the governing bodies of
the U.N., E.U. and U.S. do not believe that the
food needs of a rapidly growing world population
will be met. The FDA says that GM foods will help
feed needy people around the world and alleviate
malnutrition and dietary deficiencies. By
producing more food, farmers will be able to
supply commodities at affordable prices, even to
the poorest nations” (“The Benefits”).

Too Much Controversy over GMOs?

Brand 3:43

Globalization and GMOs

GMOs affect globalization because these
products are being used all around the world
by developing and developed countries. This
spread of knowledge leads to an increase in
globalization that helps many developing
countries with health problems and also helps
GMO companies in developed countries.

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