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Weird Genetics


A change in genetic

Can occur randomly (naturally)

Or can be deliberately caused in the laboratory
by scientists


Not always harmful

Natural Mutations

These are not
albinos; they
have pigmented

White Bengal


Little or no pigmentation in the eyes, skin, and
hair (or in some cases in the eyes alone).

Inherited an altered copy of a gene that does not
work correctly.

The altered gene does not allow the body to
make the usual amounts of a pigment called

True albinos have pink eyes and skin.

White Bluebonnets

Pink Bluebonnets



The selection of certain
seeds or animals for
reproduction in order to
influence the traits inherited
by the next generation.


The Liger

is the result of breeding a female Tiger to a
male Lion.

The liger has both stripes and spots. The stripes are
inherited from its tiger parent and the spots from the lion

On their hind legs, ligers stand approximately 12 feet
tall. At most, ligers may weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

The Cama

is the result of breeding a Llama
to a Camel.

Parents in background of picture.

The Zebroid

is the result of


a female Horse and a male

The Zedonk / Zonkey

the result of breeding

a female Donkey and
male Zebra.


These are the result of a sheep
and a goat.

The Mule

is the result of breeding a female horse

(mare) to a male donkey (jack). The

mule is superior to the horse in strength,

endurance, intelligence and disease resistance.

Maroon & Red Bluebonnets


The selective, deliberate change of
genes (genetic material) by man.

The technique of removing,
modifying or adding genes to a
DNA molecule in order to change
the information it contains.

Bright face of genetically modified corn plant: pest
infected non
GM (left) and pest
free GM plant (right)
planted side
side in a field trial. (photo: Dr. Yu Jialin,
China Agricultural University)

Human Genome Project

What is it?

The Human Genome Project is a 13 year effort that
was started in 1990.

Two of the HGP goals were:


all the approximately 30,000 genes in human
DNA and


the sequences of the 3 billion chemical
base pairs that make up human DNA

What do the goals mean?

Scientists started making a map of all of
the DNA in humans.

So what does this

mean for you?

We now know where all of the genes in a
human are located.

We can determine traits and diseases
before they happen. Ex. Heart Disease

It makes transgenics possible for humans.

So What is Transgenics?

Also known as genetic engineering.

Transgenics is the moving of a gene from
one species to another.

Example: Alba “the glow bunny”

Alba has a
gene that was
taken from a
jellyfish. This
gene makes
Alba glow!

French genetic researchers created Alba for artist Eduardo Kac. Thanks to genes
borrowed from a jellyfish, the albino rabbit glows green when placed under special
lighting. In regular light, Alba appears like any other furry white rabbit. But place her
under a black light, and her eyes, whiskers and fur glow a otherworldly green.

They tried this technology with

They took the same gene from a jellyfish
and put it into a pig.

The pigs hooves
and nose glow

We have tried transgenics

with other critters.

Scientists have introduced a gene from a
fish into a tomato. The gene was for the
ability to survive cold weather. Now the
tomato can survive cold weather!


Rice with vitamin A

Decaffeinated coffee and

Nicotine free tobacco.

Scientists in the agriculture department of the Hebrew University in

Rehovot have genetically engineered a chicken that has no feathers.

All of that is cool Mr. Cali,

But I want to know about

The cloning that
scientists are doing
should be called
“twinning,” because
they are really
creating identical