Jesus' Golden Rule


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Section 1: Rights and Responsibilities

The Problem:

When Christians face a difficult Moral Decision, they
will try to do what God wants them to do. However, how do they find
out what God would want them to do?

Most Christians use
The Bible

they believe God
speaks though the
Bible and it records
the teachings of

Some Christians believe it is the
word of God and therefore has
ultimate authority. Others think it
needs interpreting either by the
church or in light of modern

The Church

authority because
Church Leaders are
in the best position
to say what the bible
means for today and
give guidance.

The Church is the ultimate
authority for Catholics because
they believe the Pope and
Bishops have special powers in
interpreting the bible


is the
inner feeling of the
rightness or
wrongness of an
action. Many
Christians believe
god speaks to them
through their

Other Christians think it is safer to
follow the Bible or Church
because your conscience can be

Situation Ethics

means using Jesus’
Golden Rule to do
the most loving thing
in any situation, and
some Christians
believe it is the only
thing to use when
facing a moral

Other Christians believe it can
cause problems because you
don’t always know the facts or
consequences of your actions

Most Christians
would use more
than one of
these when
making a

‘Love your neighbour as you

Love yourself’

Jesus’ Golden Rule


with big C is the Christian Community,

with small c is the Christian place of worship

Possible Exam Questions

What is the Church? (2 marks)

Should a Christian use Situation Ethics? (4 marks)

Outline how Christians make Moral Decisions (8 marks)

Section 1: Rights and Responsibilities


Human Rights are the rights and freedoms to which EVERYONE is entitles.

In the UK, our rights are protected by the ‘Human Rights Act’, which protect
rights such as:

The Right to Freedom of Discrimination

The Right to Life

Freedom from slavery etc.

Christians Should support Human Rights because …..

The Bible says we are all relatives and
therefore should be treated equally because
we all came from Adam & Eve.

Jesus always helped and cured those
who were usually ignored by others. I.e.
the lepers, tax collectors, and
prostitutes. This shows Christians that
everyone should be treated equally.

Electoral and Democratic Processes:

We should all get involved in affecting how our country is run by either voting or supporting
pressure groups. A pressure group is an organisation which puts pressure on the Government to
change it’s laws. An example would be ‘Make Poverty History’.

We should vote because:

It’s our way of having our say in the way things are run

Many people fought and died for the right to vote. We should
therefore make sure we use it.

Voting can help us affect Social Change (Make the country

Supporting Human Rights
can be the ‘most loving thing’
according to Jesus’

Section 1: Rights and Responsibilities

Genetic Engineering means changing an organism’s characteristics and changing it’s
genes (blueprints).

It is used to cure diseases by fixing faulty cells in our body

It is used to fix defective genes before we develop from embryos into babies.

Stem cells

are needed in genetic engineering. These can only be

Collected from
Human Embryos
. Genetic Engineering therefore requires

Embryos to be created and then destroyed once the stem cells have

been collected.

Arguments For:

It can potentially cure currently incurable diseases

Genetic Research is an integral part of Medical Research

Genetic Engineering is closely monitored by the law

Arguments Against:

Too little is known about it’s long term effects

Any changes are irreversible, so if anything went wrong it would be permanent

It places too much power in the hands of scientists who could create
‘Frankenstein’ style human beings

Christian Attitudes to Genetic Engineering

Arguments For

Arguments Against

Jesus was a Healer, so Christians should
do all they can to cure disease

Creating cells (and not life) is working with
God rather than working against him.


cannot be consider a human life
until they are 14days old according to some
Christians and using them is therefore not

The Catholic Church opposes Genetic
Engineering because:

They believe life begins at the moment of
conception, whether it is in a womb or in a

Creating Embryos to collect stem cells for
genetic engineering and then destroying
them is considered Murder which is a sin.

Other Christians oppose any form of
Genetic Engineering because:

It is playing god which is a sin

Only Heaven should be perfect, not Earth

Section 1: Rights and Responsibilities

Christian Responsibilities

Everyone knows that with rights come responsibility, but Christians believe we have a responsibility
to help others because:

The Decalogue (10 commandments)

These encourage Christians to care for the needs of other. For Example
‘Honour your Mother and Father’, Christians can do this by caring for the
elderly as well as their parents

Jesus’ Golden Rule

This tells Christians to treat others as they would like to be treated. If you
expect someone to look after you when your sick, then you should help
them when they’re sick.

The Parable of the Sheep and Goats

This parable refers to Judgement Day, but it also tells Christians that they
have a duty to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, give drink to the thirsty, visit
those in prison and visit the sick. This tells Christians that they have a
responsibility to help those in need.

‘I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink’

Jesus’ Parable of the Sheep and Goats

Possible Exam Questions

(b) Do you believe Christians should support Genetic Engineering? (4 marks)

(b) Do you believe Christians should vote? (4 marks)

(b) Do you believe Christians should listen to their Church when making moral decisions? (4

(b) Do you believe Christians have a responsibility to affect Social Change? (4 marks)

(c) Explain how Christians make Moral Decisions (8 marks)

(c) Explain why Christians believe they have a responsibility to help others (8 marks)

(c) Explain why Christians support Human Rights (8 marks)

(c) Explain why there are different attitudes to Genetic Engineering amongst Christians. (8 marks)