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11 juin 2015 (il y a 6 années et 8 mois)

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We have been providing Engineering Assistance for Riveting Applications since 1950. We are here to solve your rivet problems with you.

Our company mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products
at a competitive price. We fulfill this standard with our well trained, and friendly
staff, as well as the widest range and fastest delivery available for rivets in virtually
any style, length, material and finish. Regardless of how complex your fastening
requirements may be, J.M. Murphy & Co is committed to providing flexible and
innovative solutions to fit the most challenging and precise applications.

At J.M. Murphy & Co, our teams of engineers are always available to assist customers
with technical support and approach questions and challenges from a solutions
driven standpoint. We work closely with our clients and distributors to best
understand how each rivet will be used. It is our expertise in this field and attention
to detail that sets our company apart.

Blind Rivets

Blue Pneumatic Blind Rivets is a leading marketer and
provider of rivetfastening solutions. Blue Pneumatic has
partnered with Ornit BlindRivets to offer the highest
qaulity, best designed rivet fasteningsystems available to
North America. Since 1975, Ornit has been a
globalinnovator in rivet fastening systems, developing a
broad range ofmulti
function and unique rivet fasteners
suitable for both automaticassembly and manual

The Blue Pneumatic portfolio is packed with structural
structural rivet products designed to provide
solutions to all your application needs. Blue Pneumatics
high quality fasteners are used for industrial,
construction and automotive applications

Blind Rivet Tools

Big Blue™ BP

This one is loaded with pulling force at 3800lbs.
This is a heavy duty air/hydraulic riveter. Big
Blue sets rivets from 1/8 through 1/4 in all
materials and is ideal for Monobolt/Magna

and other structural rivets. Its 7/8 stroke allows
this rivet tool to pull most structural rivets in
one stroke. More power and a forged aluminum
cylinder means long life. Big Blue is built to last
and last. Great for high production applications.
Rivet tool comes with nose pieces including
1/8, 5/32, 3/16 and 1/4. Also included are

wrenches for service and oil applicator. Recommended operating air pressure is 85
100 psi. Weight 5 lbs.

Rivet Nut Tools

Spin Ultra™ BP

This rivet nut tool features a SPIN
setting sequence. In one touch the fastener quickly
spins on, pulls the fastener, and with the release
button, spins out of the fastener. Setting cycle is
about 2 seconds. This means less thread
deformation. The BP
60 Rivet Nut tool has a fully
adjustable stroke for accurate insert placements,
which requires less operator skill. Stroke
adjustment is quick and easy, and is done from
exterior of the tool. Mandrels are included with

Comes complete with sizes 8
32 through 1/2
13 or M4 through M12. “More Power”
means this tool uses its huge 6800 lbs. of pulling force to set up to ½ steel rivet nuts
with ease. Recommended operating air pressure is 80
100psi. Weight 6 lbs.

Recent Solutions

A good customer of ours, who has been using split rivets on his canvas product,
recently ran into a snag. Due to changes in the amount of manufacturers of split
rivets, the delivery times became quite extended. We suggested to the customer that
he consider changing rivets to employ deep hole rivets instead of splits. This reduced
their lead time by 75%, their cost by 10% and they liked the fastening result better
than the splits that they had been using! Perhaps things are changing in your
business, or maybe you are looking for some new approaches. Give us a call at
800.529.5406 and let us help you with your challanges.


A potential customer recently contacted us who was having a serious problem with
his rivet tooling, specificly with the jaws of his riveter. He was breaking jaws to the
extent of about $1000. per month and had been doing so for a lengthy period. We
reviewed his problem, his rivets, machine and assemblies and were able to create a
solution to his problem that same day. He was able to retain a thousand dollars of his
monthy revenues and we picked up a customer.

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