Informal Logical Fallacies - My Class


12 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 2 mois)

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What is the logical fallacy in each argument below?


Although they've certainly tried, scientists have not been able to demonstrate that ESP is a
myth. So, ESP is probably real.


As I travel around and talk to people I
find that many do not even know what genetic
engineering is. Well, genetic engineering is best defined as the most recent in a long line of
attempts, on the part of human beings, to play God. Of course, the proponents of genetic
engineering overlook just o
ne little fact: we humans are not God. And that's why genetic
engineering is profoundly immoral.


Professor Jackson, this paper merits at least a "B." I stayed up all night working on it. And if I
don't get a "B," I'll be put on academic probation



is impossible to be a good student and have a good social life

You only live once, so I am
going to forget about studying and party!”


“Communism is not a good economic system. Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot were all Communists and
blood thirsty murderers.”


If believe in God then you’ll find a kind of

in life that you’ve never felt before.

Therefore, God exists.


What is the prochoice view? This: It is permissible to kill innocent human beings at will as
long as they’re are helpless. By
implication, then, the prochoice view would permit the
slaughter of children on a wide scale. And that is why we should all oppose the prochoice view.


“The only reason why the Dallas Stars want NHL re
alignment is because it will be easier for
them to wi
n in a weaker division.”


"No, she gets a special cologne... It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in nine
countries... Yep, it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good. [...] They've done
studies, you know. Sixty percent of the ti
me, it works every time"


Dr. Browne’s opinion that there are major problems with our public health care system
lies. She would make way more money if health care was privatized.”


You bet I'm in favor of stiff punishments for violent crimes.
After all, punishment deters crime

no doubt about that. Yes, I'm aware that many bleeding
heart liberals have tried to prove
that punishment doesn't really deter crime, but their feeble efforts have all failed miserably. It's
just plain common sense th
at punishment deters crime.


Why am I getting in trouble for talking in class? Genisha is talking as well and she is not
getting in trouble.


You cannot convict my client of murder. We have proven that one of the arresting officers
made prejudicial
remarks, remarks scornful of my client. Look at the videotape, the audiotape,
the man's own testimony. He is a full
blown racist; you must not trust anything he says


“I urge you, before you decide that abortion should be legalized, imagine the screams
of all the
unborn foetuses that you will be murdering by supporting this action.”