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Dog obedience training is the most important factor in the dog/human relationship. Quality K-9 offers dog training in Phoenix including dog obedience training and in home dog training.

Phoenix K9 Obedience Training

Serving the Greater Phoenix Area, we specialize in pet obedience, AKC obedience, and
Schutzhund competition obedience. We use modern reinforcement dog training methods,
based on behavioral science, to teach your dog how to be the ultimate canine companion
excel to his full potential as a competition dog. We offer a variety of training programs to
best fit your lifestyle as well as your dog’s training needs.

Our obedience training programs range from on leash and off leash obedience packages to
custom ta
ilored dog obedience programs where we address very specific dog training
issues, such as good house manners. This could include greeting people politely at the door,
not jumping on your guests, excessive barking, counter surfing, steeling trash, marking i
the house, being destructive, etc. The dog training can be performed in the convenience of
your own home, at our state of the art indoor dog training facility, or your dog can be
enrolled in our boarding and training program. Starting early with the corr
ect dog
obedience training is of course the key to success. So, do not think that your dog might be
too young to be trained.

At Quality K
9 we take advantage of a very simple training method, called “motivational
dog training”. It is a very gentle approac
h and allows us to train puppies at a young age.
Socialization and early obedience training are the key to raising a well behaved puppy. A
“canine good citizen”, who will make you proud and who will be an ambassador for good

Off Leash Dog Traini

Without a doubt, the off leash canine obedience training is our
most popular program. Your dog will stay in the dog trainer’s
home for a period of 30 days. The training includes on and off
leash heeling of your dog on your left side, off leash sit and
until released, to lay down upon command and to remain in this
position until released, going to the “place” (a designated place
such as a blanket, place board, dog bed, special rug, etc.) and
then to stay there until released. Most important, this do
training program includes the off leash recall under distraction.
One private handler lesson with you and your canine companion is included upon
completion of the program.

VIP: Dog Training a La Carte

Our VIP Dog Training A

La Carte is an adjustable training
program to fit your personal needs. No matter what the
issue is, we can address it and work out a custom training
program that works for you and your dog. This may range
from particular obedience or aggression issues, la
ck of
certain house manners, excessive barking or being
destructive to training the dog in personal protection work
or even teaching dogs to get along with other household
pets of another species, such as the family cat. This
program is completely flexible

and designed to accommodate our customer’s personal
needs and lifestyle.

As a special service for our VIP Customers, who reside out of state, we offer the scheduling
of air transportation for your dog by approved airlines.

Canine Behavior Modification

s type of training is essential in order to alter
unwanted behavior. It can be just a bad or
annoying habit, fear caused by a negative
experience, or plain aggression. This can be
achieved by teaching the dog a stress free
replacement behavior, which resul
ts in a happier and much less stressful life for the dog.
Furthermore, it prevents aggression to build up and escalate.

Day Training

a Specific Dog Training Program

Our Day Training Program is a highly specialized program. This
program is the ideal solution for people who do not want to part
with their dog for an extended period of time, want to be
actively involved in the training of their dog, and want to work
the trainer in a private setting and in the comfort of their
own home.

The day training program usually consists of 3 sessions per week for a total of 12 dog
training sessions. The dog training is conducted in the client’s home and the dog’s
such as the backyard, streets where the dog is taken for walks, parks, dog
friendly restaurants and other establishments, etc. The length of the individual dog training
sessions is flexible, not to exceed 3 hours per dog training session. The day training
program is customized to the dog’s and the dog owner’s specific needs.

Dog Training Philosophy

Quality K9 in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, provides an extremely humane approach to
efficiently and reliably helping you and your canine achieve your traini
ng goals, by applying
scientifically proven training techniques. Our dog training philosophy is that dog training
must be fun and rewarding for the dog as well as the handler. It is a proven fact that a
stressful environment slows down the learning process
. We strongly believe in creating a
relaxed and stress free atmosphere for our students, humans as well as canines, in order to
conduct effective dog training with reliable results.

Our training and coaching methods are tailored to your individual dog, you
r area of pursuit,
and you as a person. One thing we always focus on is developing a relationship of trust and
respect between the person and their canine companion. When trust and respect are a
foundation for the relationship, training your dog and living

with your dog can be
rewarding and fun.

Dog Boarding & Training

This is our most successful training program due to the fact that your dog stays with the
dog trainer and receives his attention 24/7. Your dog is integrated in the trainer’s
household. He is

not staying in a sterile boarding kennel where he is only taken out once or
twice a day for training sessions. During this time our dog trainer can focus on specific dog
training or dog behavior modification issues that need to be addressed.

Prior to
your canine’s stay with us, our clients have the opportunity to meet with the
trainer for an evaluation and discuss their areas of concern in detail. Our dog Boarding &
Training Program is an ideal solution when the family goes on vacation or there is a
siness trip coming up and your pet has to stay behind. We offer your dog a home away
from home, with so much activity and stimulation that he
does not even have time to miss his family. You could say,
Fido is going to dog training camp, so you can enjoy yo
trip without feeling guilty about leaving your best friend
behind. He will get plenty of supervised

other furry friends,

will enhance his social skills and at
the same time our trainer will teach him the things a well
behaved dog need
s to know. And not to forget, he will receive a lot of love and attention.

Service Dogs and Assistance Dogs

Service dogs are highly skilled canines that help humans perform
special tasks. In other words, service dogs are dogs with jobs.
The most recognize
d service dogs are most certainly police dogs,
custom dogs, and military working dogs. Specialized tasks are
performed by scent/tracking dogs as well as search and rescue
dogs, who are trained to find people, e.g. criminal suspects or
escaped convicts, whe
reas search and rescue dogs are trained to
find missing persons, such as children or helpless adults. The dogs’ versatility knows no
limits. Scent dogs can also be trained to detect drugs and explosives, as well as human
remains or even counterfeit money.
Since the scenting ability of a dog is far more superior
to that of a human.

In his training he applies a mixture of modern motivational training methods along with
established conventional techniques paired with reinforcement to achieve a reliable and
happy obedience performance in a most humane manner.

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