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Genetic Engineering Vocabulary


A circular piece of DNA found in bacteria.

Genetic markers

A location in the DNA that are

associated with a particular trait that differ among


Watch the slide show and draw your
picture in the boxes!



A process used to create copies of DNA

fragments, cells, or organisms.

DNA Fingerprinting

A process that uses the
unique parts of the genetic code to identify a

: Paternity


Plasmids are Used to Replicate a Recombinant DNA

Plasmids are small circles of DNA found in bacteria.

Plasmids replicate independently of the bacterial chromosome.

Replication often produces 50
100 copies of a recombinant
plasmid in each cell.

Pieces of foreign DNA can be added within a plasmid to create a
recombinant plasmid.

Human Insulin Production by Bacteria

6) join the plasmid and human fragment

and cut with a restriction enzyme

DNA, the Law, and Many Other Applications

The Technology of DNA Fingerprinting

A DNA fingerprint used in a murder case.

What are we looking at? How was it produced?

The defendant stated that the blood on his clothing was his.

DNA Fingerprinting Basics

Different individuals carry different alleles.

Most alleles useful for DNA fingerprinting differ on the basis of the
number of repetitive DNA sequences they contain.