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13 nov. 2013 (il y a 8 années et 18 jours)

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JH Robotics has over 25 years of robotics experience. Our early efforts in the ro-
botics area centered around designing and building small air-powered pick and
place robots. In the mid 1990’s we became an integrator for FANUC Robots, the
world leader in robot placement. Today we design fully automated manufacturing
systems with integrated robots.
Our expertise with the FANUC line of robots allows us to integrate them in a wide
variety of applications ranging from adding an end effector and integrating with new
or existing equipment, to integrating a single or series of robots into a custom
equipment line where the robots provide controls and material handling as part of a
complete cell.
We have provided complete turnkey systems for the following industries: Automo-
tive, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Paper Products, Electronics, Medical, Aircraft etc..
Within these industries we have designed, developed and built Robotic System
Solutions for the following applications: machine load/unload, packaging, pharma-
ceutical processing, machining, injection molding, palletizing and many more.
Our System and Robotic experience, combined with our machining and tooling ca-
pabilities gives us the unique ability to provide our customers with a complete turn-
key system and allows our customers to have a single source vendor for a com-
plete automation solution.

Robotic Systems
Specialty Automation
& Machining

Established 1983

JH Robotics inc.
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