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13 nov. 2013 (il y a 8 années et 3 mois)

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Southwest Research Institute
obotic automation is
being applied more
frequently in non-
traditional applications such as
large-scale assembly, inspection
and surface processing (painting,
depainting, polishing, etc.)
These applications typically have
requirements (reach, payload,
hazardous environment, etc.)
that preclude the use of standard
commercial robots.
Southwest Research Institute
specializes in the development and
support of large, custom robotic
platforms for these special applications.
Since the early 1990s, SwRI has fielded
production systems for the servicing
and maintenance of U.S. Air Force F-15,
F-16, A-10 and C-130 aircraft. These
systems were designed for maximum
flexibility and are scalable and adaptable
for a variety of processes.
SwRI provides complete solutions for
special robotic needs, including:
Comprehensive requirements •
Process identification
and •
Various r
obot types – gantry, •
free-standing, mobile, etc.
Design and build
of complete, •
turnkey system
Process contr
ol and user-friendly •
Long-term engineering and •
maintenance support
Complete documentation package

Program Areas
SwRI’s custom robotic systems are used
in a variety of program areas, including:
Aerospace • Maritime•
Construction • Power generation•
Decontamination • T
SwRI’s robots can be used for a variety
of applications, such as:
Automated paint removal•
Surface preparation•
3-D surface mapping•
Nondestructive evaluation and inspection•
Robot specifications and parameters are
customized for every application. The
specifications for SwRI’s most recently
developed system, designed to service
modern fighter aircraft, are shown below.
Height (ft) 27
Reach (ft) 38
Travel Length (ft) 80
Work Volume (ft
) 136,000
Payload (lb) 100
Axes 9
Repeatability (in) 1/8
Mechanical Brakes All Axes
Mechanical Weight (lb) 30,000
Rating IP 67
Ambient Temperature (ºF) 0–120
Relative Humidity (%) 0–80
Hazard Classification Class II, Div 2
Custom gantry robot for coating removal of large
off-airframe components
Free-standing mobile robots for full-aircraft paint
Clay Flannigan
(210) 522-6805
Robotics and Automation Engineering
Manufacturing Systems Department
Automation and Data Systems Division
Southwest Research Institute
6220 Culebra Road • P.O. Box 28510
San Antonio, Texas 78228-0510
10-1201 JCN 239586 bl
An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V
Committed to Diversity in the Workplace
We welcome your inquiries.
For additional information, please contact:
Benefiting government,
industry and the public
through innovative science
and technology
Southwest Research Institute is an
independent, nonprofit, applied
engineering and physical sciences
research and development organization
using multidisciplinary approaches to
problem solving. The Institute occupies
1,200 acres in San Antonio, Texas, and
provides more than 2 million square feet
of laboratories, test facilities, workshops
and offices for more than 3,000
employees who perform contract work
for industry and government clients.
SwRI develops custom end-effectors to meet the needs of the
specified process.
A user-friendly control system is an
integral component of SwRI’s
robotic systems.