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Re Edit: Mobile Media Essay

The selections of mobile devices that are available today vary between the many shapes,
styles, and models, which are constantly being improved on throughout the years. Mobile Media has
become an important area in the new media culture due to
the perpetual

refinements of mobile
To define ‘mobile’, it is the use, consumption, and arrangement of technologies and cultural
practices formed by a network or mobile devices. This form of technology allows consumers to
browse the Internet, play mobile games
, and watch television or films from the use of their hand held
mobile devices. Communication has evolved over the years. Students used to pass notes in
classrooms, now they send text messages on their cellphones. The perpetual changes in technology
and m
obility, forces consumers to desire the best in looks, communication, and form.

The New M
edia culture

is defined by the combination of traditional art forms and modern
day technologies through the creation of artistic expression, innovation, and communic
ation. It is an
ongoing spectacle, and is composed of varied types of mediums, fro
m sculptures, to robotics. New
edia interacts with the audience in order to socialize, entertain, and teach. The movement of New
Media is caused by the ongoing advance
of technology and devices
. Mobile Media represents a
form of New Media through the improvements in technology and interaction with the audience
Advertisers use New Media to their advantage in order to connect to their audience.

Advertising is known as
a form of communication between the advertiser and the recipient.
Advertising media includes the number of viewers that are exposed to advertising messages, while
interactive advertising includes direct responses and personal selling to the consumer.
ding to
the article “Media Influence on Marketing Communications” written by Ume
Amen, it is stated that
medium is very important to marketers. It is a key component in marketing because the delivery of
the message represents and illustrates the connectivi
ty between the ad and the recipient.

Cellphones and other mobile devices are an effective medium because of the mass growth of
mobile users. Advertisers can connect through bar codes on advertisements that can be scanned
from cellphones, text messages, a
nd mobile applications. Marshal Mclhuhan coins the phrase “The
medium is the message”, which implies that the medium is a source of communication of images that
also generate messages. Technology and connectivity is constantly advancing so consumers are ab
to connect to service providers efficiently. In result, consumers are able to browse on the Internet,
load high quality images, and upload movies or videos through their devices.
In the article “Mobile
Devices”, the author Ellyssa Kroski views the

cement features of cell phones. Over the years,
cell phones have gone through various forms from flip, slider, or brick phones, and it is a
phenomenon that is constantly being reestablished.

The growth of Mobile Media allows advertisers an advantage to c
onnect and interact with
their audience in a more direct manor because of the advancement of mobile technology.

McCasland wrote an article titled “Mobile Marketing to Millenials”, which describes the attachment of
mobile devices with consumers, espec
ially those at a young age. Mitch writes that mobile phones
have become more of an importance than a personal computer. Young consumers have an intimate
relationship with their phones, and it has become a vital piece of technology to own.

The influence
of the media is determined by the attitude of the consumer, the selective use of
media exposure, the interaction, and an established mood. New Media is a form of communication
through forms of traditional art and modern day technology. Hence, the evolution

of the cellphone
and mobile devices epitomizes a new generation of communication and technology.

Marketers use teens as a target audience because they are the most influenced. Teens are
open to advertisements from television, radio commercials, and the I
nternet. It is important for
marketers to keep teens as an important target because they influence the product and the
experience of the advertisement.

According to the article “Mobile Marketing” written by Fiona Jenkins, t
eenagers move
quickly from fad t
o fad, so marketers are always on the ball with advertising to teens. Marketers
strategize by utilizing text messaging as a form of communication because teenagers hold great value
to their cellphones.
For example, Bliss magazine opened readers to register

for free mobile ringtones
and logos. Text messages were then sent to participating members for them to redeem and
encourage recipients to become a member of the text club. As a result, there were up to 20,000
requests for ringtones and logos. 50% of membe
rs of the text club
had bought the issue of Bliss
Magazine in reference to the direct text message that was received.

Mobile communication has become a great value for many reasons. One being that it is a
close communication, as it is part of the daily lives of mobile users. It also targets audiences directly
of any group, due to the fact that consumers are becoming so at
tracted to mobile technology.
McCasland says, “Young consumers do not hate advertising, contrary to the widely held belief

dislike advertising that is irrelevant of unwanted.” The advantage of mobile communication is the
easy interaction.

lphones are a high demand product that has successfully evolved over the years.
Consumers have a desire for the best looking, more efficient, and more fine devices. Mobile
applications and text messaging are marketing strategies that advertisers use to int
eract to
consumers. For example Quick Response Codes, otherwise known as QR’s can be seen on the corner
of a poster for recipients to scan in order to receive more information on the ad. Numbers can also be
seen on advertisements for people to text for mor
e information or to enter a sponsored contest
related to the given ad to win prizes
. The downside between incorporating applications with mobile
devices is the effectiveness of the application running properly. McCasland
came across a Doritos
billboard tha
t asked viewers to text a number that would describe what the meaning of the given
acronym on the billboard “INNW” was. A few texts later, and McCasland was informed of the contest
Doritos was holding, as well was directed to a site which in the end did n
ot work efficiently because
of the size of the format.

Mobile applications are becoming popular through mobile devices. Applications such as
Four Square allow users to connect with venues and restaurants. Considering the advancement of
technology, Globa
l Position Systems are now included within mobile devices. Therefore, through the
use of the mobile application Four Square, and the Global Position System (GPS) users are able to
“check” into venues and receive points or “badges”. Four Square exemplifies
the interactivity
between consumers and the marketer. Consumers are able to experience new locations and venues,
and as well are rewarded just from a simple visit. This marketing strategy is a fun and interactive
way for consumers to become informed of ven
ues and locations within their vicinity. It is also
attractive because the application is also rewarding, and it is informative to those who are new to
their current location. Shops and venues are able to communicate to customers through mobile
s such as Four Square, which integrates attraction to their business. Mobile Media has
reached a new level of communication through text messaging and mobile applications. Quick
accessibility of mobility allows the consumer to stay attracted and informed w
ith advertisements and
the media.

The continuous advancements in technology often refine programs, styles, and formats.
Therefore, when other cellphone devices connect through a text message or a webpage link, it is
possible for the two devices to be inco
mpatible. This scenario is caused by the difference in programs
and the advancement in technology. Some companies that use the text messaging marketing strategy
also may not be reliable or efficient. Another downfall between the changes in technology is
fordability. Not everyone is open to the advanced technology that is seen through mobile devices
such as cellphones. Marketers label their products for those who are able to afford the device.

In terms of New Media, mobile devices have improved to accommo
date to the lifestyle of a consumer.
The advance technology allows consumers to do more than set an alarm, or write a note. Mobile
devices are equipped to interact with advertisements to educate and communicate to consumers. T

he use of traditional art fo
rms and technology in New Media solves problems of
communication. Mobile devices exemplify this problem solving because of the advancing
technologies that allow devices to access the Internet and create connectivity between the consumer
and an advertisemen
t. People can be informed of commercial sales, promotions, and contests
through the easy use of a mobile device. The technologies in mobile devices are constantly improving
so advertising becomes more acknowledged. The interaction consumers are now gaining

through the
technologies of mobile devices, benefit on their behalf of accessibility that is granted.


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This study was based on a survey of 22 items, with 7 of these items related to personal data,
and the 15 relating to identifying media influence through peo
ple. The article mentions the
effects of marketing communications, and how media approaches also affect supply and
demand, as well as our surroundings. Marketing communications each have its own
approach that directly affects an audience. The focus of the
study is to provide a relationship
between the attitude of a customer and media influence by mass media, selective exposure,
involvement, and mood.

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The overall idea of this article is to demonstrate the expansion in technology and mobile
devices. Mobile applications vary from one mobile device to another. Therefore, companies
must develop applications that will run through various types of softw
are’s so it is accessible
to as many consumers as possible.

Goggin, Gerard, Journalism and Media Research Cen
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This article evalua
tes aspects of mobile media that are important in new media cultures. The
concept of the telephone and how it has shifted over the years is a main point that is
mentioned in the article. The telephone has broadened with the emergence of
and the use of data networks. The use of the Internet also has an effect
with mobile media because of how accessible it has grown to be. Mobile devices are open to
the public through mobile networks, and as well through the Internet from a network or Wi

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Text Messaging has become very popular in marketing. Teenagers are target audiences
because of the increase in cell phone users that are caused by teens. Mobile devices have
ive strategies because of how quick advertising can promote a product, such as
illustrating a logo for users to interact with. Other strategies include texting a code from a
product, except this strategy varies throughout audiences.

Jenkins, Fiona. "Mobile Marketing." Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for

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This article explores the growth of mobile marketing but towards teenagers.

Teenagers are open to commercial messages, so it is imp
ortant to create advertisements that
will be well understood by teenagers. An example would be presentation through language.
Cell phone users are a growing population and teenagers are a big part of this. Teenagers
adore for things virtual and accessible
on their cell phones. However, it is important to
remember that teenagers fall in and out of fads.

McCasland, Mitch. "Mobile Marketing to Millennials." Young Consumers: Insight and

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Cell phones a
re a very important piece of technology to a young consumer. They have
become the focal point in the growth of technology. The advancement of technology allows
cellphones to carry super
megapixel cameras, access to watch videos, and RFID’s which is a

Frequency Identification so mobile handsets are able to process a transaction as a
means of a cashless and cardless payment. Effective marketing strategies begin with
understanding the audience. Therefore you are able to know how to cater to the audience
according the mindset, age group, and etc.

Kroski, Ellyssa. "Mobile Devices." Library Technology Reports 44.5 (2008): 10
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Dec. 2012

Cellphones vary between shape, size, and especially by its features. Each type of cellphone
carries its own unique qualities that
attract consumers. Web browsing, QWERTY keyboards,
applications, and expandable memory are just a few examples of how resource
ful cellphones
have become.