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GATTACA Analysis Questions

Please read these questions now
While we watch the movie,
take notes

that apply to each question, and
be prepared to discuss them when we finish the movie next time.

1. “This child is still you…simply the best of you.” (The
doctor to the Freeman’s when they are selecting the
zygote that will later be Anton, in response to their concern that perhaps they should leave a few things “to
chance”.) Would you ever want to use this method to conceive your child? What do you like abou
t the
idea? What are the disadvantages to our society if we use this method?

2. “Genoism…we now have discrimination down to a science.” Do you think it is okay to judge someone
based on their genetics? In what way might “genoism” become the next form of d

3. “No one exceeds his [genetic] potential….and if he did, we did not accurately gauge his potential in the
first place.” (the Director, when questioned by the detective about the requirements for getting a job at
Gattaca) Is this true, tha
t you can only be as good as your genes? Or do other things determine if you’ll be
successful in life?

4. When Vincent was born, a genetic sample was taken from his heel and his life expectancy was reported
to his parents at birth. In other words, they kn
ew at his birth what was most likely to kill him and when. Is
this a good idea? Would you want to know that information about yourself? About your children?

5. Vincent’s (Jerome’s) interview for Gattaca consisted only of a urine sample analysis. Is this a

good way to
find the best person for the job? Is it fair? Would you want a job interview based on your genetics only?

6. Irene was able to purchase a report of Vincent’s (Jerome’s) genome simply by taking one of his hairs to a
commercial sequencer. Along

with this, when Vincent (Jerome) and Irene were talking at Gattaca, she
offered him one of her hairs to have sequenced if he wanted to find out about her. Do you think this is a
good way to “get to know someone”? Would you like to have this technology ava
ilable to you?

7. The Director, when questioned by the detectives about his feelings about the murdered mission director,
tells them to look at his profile, as he doesn’t have a “violent bone in [his] body”. They accept this as a good
alibi. How do you fe
el about this approach to crime
solving and the law? Fair or unfair? Why?

For Homework, after the movie and discussion

(probably due by Monday)


Each question should be addressed in a

of one paragraph



What are
the advantages and disadvantages to having a society like that portrayed in GATTACA?


If we were able to exclude the eccentric, the different, the misfits, and the weak, what would
happen to society?
Explain why.


What limits should be placed on genetic engi
neering? Should it be allowed at all? Should it be
limited to the elimination of disease and physical imperfections? Why or why not