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12 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 2 mois)

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Raam Sundararaj

Genetic Engineering is one of the recent booming industries, which has brought
significant changes, espe
cially to the food industry. A common person

may not be aware of what
changes it has made

because all of
its actions
take place
behind the screens
Many p
eople do
know that most fruits and vegetables in today’s food industry

are genetically modified
Genetically modified plants yield much faster and give

more profits to the farmers. It is not only
plants but also animals & birds su
ch as cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys

which are

genetically. For example, a genetically modified chicken grows

bigger in half the

time a normal


Since it takes less time and cost, most food companies and fast foods are opting
for the g
enetically modified items; as a result, many people are preferring foods because they are
less expensive.
But the big concern is whether genetic modification is


healthy for us
. Some
researchers say that the genetic modification, which contains artif
icial vitamins,
our health;
while, others claim that the artificial nutrients seem to violate Nature.

The documentary Food


highlights this as a problem, where it calls for the food companies to label the food
items whether they are genetically modified or not, so that, we the consumers will have the right
to know on what our food made out of.

Since most of us do make purchase
s in supermarkets and
eat in fast foods, it is better to know the about the

going on this issue.