Expectable development and impacts of biotechnology in Hungary


12 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 2 mois)

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Expectable development and impacts of biotechnology in
Hungary in the XXI. century
A T32926) (2001
2003) (topic
: Dr. Tóthné Dr. Szita Klára)

Aim of the project

Gathering and synthetising of
relevant international and
national professional literature
dealing with biotechnology in
the aspect of the possible
effects to the environment in
the next 20 years and

Target group(s)

Persons being involved
into the research of
biotechnology and users of
biotech products (GMO)
and appliers of research

Project leading

University of Miskolc
Department of Regional

Stakeholders of biotechnology sector, interviewees, workshop participants

Partners participating in the realisation of the project

Due to the research an overview is given of the current status of biotechnology, directions of
development, trends and futureperspectives. Positions are also synthetised: EU, OECD, IPTS, EPA .
Relevant elements of the exisitng scenarios are analysed. As it has been pointed out, domestic
research is confined into narrow fields of biotechnology. The research having been carried out by us
is layed into a wider context by the application of given indicators concerning both international and
national status. Due to the method of scenario a vision is attemted to being drawn up for the next 10
15 years.

Expectable results of the project

Klára Szita Tóth

László Tóth (2002):
Biotechnology and GM foods in beginning of 21

century in Social
and Governance Responsibility and Sustainability 10

GIN Conference, Göteborg

Klára Szita Tóth

László Tóth (2002):How safe and sustainable the GM foods? Towards the global
responsibility EFLA CONGRESS

2002 September 19th

20th 2002 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tóthné Szita Klára (2002): Genetic engineering, lifecycle analysis could lead to a competitive food
industry? Gazdasági Fejlődés

Társadalmi Egyenlőtlenség Konferencia MTA Jövőkutatási Bizottság
2002. Okt.3
5. Lillafüred

Tóthné Szita Klára (2003): Genetically modified foods (GM)

healthy nutrition? Genetic engineering
versus healthy environment. MTA IX. osztály JKB

A XXI. századi technika társadalmi hatásai


Nemzetközi Konferenciája 2003.október 2

Tóthné Szita Klára (2004) Perspectives of biotechnology

expectable developments and impacts.
MTA SZAB Élelmiszertudományi Munkabizottság, Szeged, március

Klára Szita Tóth (2004): Scenarios for the Biotechnology in Hungary, International Conference
University of Cluj Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary, október 20

Studies, publications related to the project

Dr. Tóthné Dr. Szita Klára

Institute colleagues being involved in the project