Genetic Engineering Conclusion Questions/Answers


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Unit 3

Lesson 3.1

Activity 3.1.7

Designer Genes: Industrial Application of Genetic



What controls gene expression?

Gene expression in a certain cell or bacteria can be controlled through a variety of
methods including the transcription, RNA splicing, translation, and post
modification of a protein. In other words

the introduction of a new plasmid or gene that
codes for a certain protein.

How are operons like power switches?

They are clusters of DNA controlled by a substance or process, therefore if they need to
be controlled or “turned on” they need that substanc
e or procedure present in order to
begin working, much a like a power switch requires the flipping of a switch.

What are the current applications of recombinant DNA technology?

They are being used to create crops that are more durable and easy to grow, as

allow for more durable animals that yield more and are more readily available as a food
source. There is also research being done to try and make organs for those who are
missing a certain organ or limb in order to replace it.

What are the ethical c
onsiderations regarding genetic engineering?

Whether or not humans should be allowed to play God, is it right for people to take life
and change how it works to suit our needs.

What are the regulatory issues related to genetic engineering?

The problem is
that there is actually little to no regulation, so there is a chance that
there may be some problems that won’t come to light or be regulated out in order to be
a non