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Consultancy Contract

Implementation of International Financial
Reporting Standards in local authorities (IFRS)

April 2009

March 2011

In 2007, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer specified that all public bodies
should convert to new global acco
untancy standards (IFRS).

These new complex rules required fundamental change for public bodies, placing
a significant technical challenge upon finance staff during a period of fiscal

This specific project, which was the single biggest public

sector IFRS consultancy
project in Scotland required CIPFA and a partner body to assist 27 large local
government bodies in Scotland with the implementation of new complex global
accountancy standards.

Initial meetings with senior Directors of Finance of

Scottish local authorities to
establish progress to date and identify future key work areas.

tailored impact assessment study for each client including a full report and
action plan

identification of key work areas to be addressed

planning for key work a
reas and project management timetabling

provision of complex completion templates for prior year figure restatement,
adjustments and lease assessments

site participation in client progress meetings

question and challenge of progress achieved, with worki
ng papers being
reviewed for assurance and evidence purposes

site advice and assistance as required

review of initial restated international reporting based figures

training over the course of the project for key staff to ensure knowledge

rting, both formally and informally, to senior management in each client
on progress

The project was carefully designed to ensure that these new high
profile rules
were implemented successfully and were accompanied by knowledge transfer to
key finance st

Success was evidenced by formal positive comment from the standard setting
body in Scotland which congratulated local authorities on successful

The tools and materials designed developed were considered and commended by
a CIPFA award
s panel which awarded an annual prize for technical innovation.