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Modified foods




This slide show is about genetically modified food. It
will tell you about opinions, advantages and disadvantages.
Different opinions come from different people, all opinions
may vary. Genetically modified foods are foods that are given
injection to change something natural about it. For example,
when people genetically modify strawberries to make them
bigger. They change the genes of the strawberry to make it
larger. This same procedure is made for other fruits and


Prevents wasted crops because genetic engineering prevents
pests from eating any crops, so there are no crops that pests
have ate and that prevents diseases

We can grow food in different conditions for example
strawberries can be grown in winter

Some foods can be genetically modified to have a higher amount
of vitamins and minerals


Scientists are not 100% sure that genetic
modification has any long term effects

A lot of people have allergies to genetically
modified foods, which leads to allergic
reactions , the problem is that when you buy
food, you don’t know if its genetically modified

It ruins nature’s cycle

The question is: why
take a risk of changing

this to this

Public Opinions

In New Zealand: the majority of people are

against genetically

modifying crops and foods

In the USA: 88% disapprove of genetically

modifying crops and foods

My opinion

I’m not against Genetic Modification but I’m
not with genetic modification. It has a lot of
good advantages but on the other side, the
disadvantages are not very good. I’m mostly
against genetic modification because I believe
that we should leave nature as it is and not
play around with it’s genes and its cycle,
nobody knows what the long term result of
genetic modification is. So why take a risk?

She can’t decide which one is
organic and which one is GM

Possibilities of GM