Genetic Engineering


14 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 2 mois)

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Genetic Engineering

Is the idea that we can
use our knowledge of
genetics to create desired

The history of genetic

We have used selective
breeding for years to get
dogs well suited for certain
jobs (coon dogs, pit bulls,
etc.) as well as horses, cats,

Hybridization is a type of
selective breeding that
crosses two different
organisms to get the best
traits from each:

For example: a mule is a

horse hybrid. It
possesses good traits from each.

Using DNA structure, we
can use more precise
methods of genetic


creating exact genetic
copies of an organism

Genetic screening

looking at
an organisms genes

Using DNA structure, we
can use more precise
methods of genetic

Gene therapy

when we fix or
replace genes that cause

DNA identification

using a
person’s unique DNA sequence
to identify them

Cloning has Potential
Risks and Benefits

Cloning technology has the
ability to help with medical
advances in organ and tissue

But also comes with ethical

can we clone entire
people? What can we and can’t
we clone?

Genetic Screening

Has the potential to warn
people of genetic flaws

those that might cause

But again comes with the
ethical debate of what we
should and shouldn’t use
genetic screening for.

Gene Therapy

Has the ability to lead to
cures for many genetic
disorders like:

Muscular Dystrophy,
Parkinson’s Disease, Lou
Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), etc.

DNA Identification:

Can be used to put criminals in
jail, determine paternity, etc.

Again this technology raises
questions: about privacy and
other ethical issues.