Chap 11 Modern Issues


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1) Détente

The easing of strained relations

(US and USSR)

2)Ronald Reagan

President of the United States who

helped end the Cold War

3) Politburo

Ruling Committee for the Communist


4) Glasnost

Policy of Openness and loosening

of totalitarian control in the Soviet Union under


5) Mikhail Gorbachev
Soviet Premier who initiated the

reform movements of Glasnost and Perestroika

6) Perestroika

series of economic and political
reforms instituted by Gorbachev in the Soviet Union

7) Boris Yeltsin

the first directly elected President

of the newly established Russian

8) CIS

loose federation of former Soviet territories

9) Shock therapy

bold plan by Yeltsin to introduce

market economics to the Russian Federation

10) Chechnya

a largely Muslim area of Russian that
fought against Russia for their independence

ocial movement in Poland that used
civil resistance
to bring about social and political

12) Lech Walesa

Leader of the Polish Solidarity Movement

13) Reunification

the Merging of the Democratic West
Germany and Communist East Germany

14) Helmut Kohl

Chancellor of the newly reunified Germany

15) Ethnic cleansing

the extermination of a certain religious
or ethnic group

16) Slobodan Milosevic

President of Serbia that was
convicted of war crimes due to the Kosovo rebellion

17) Kosovo

region of Serbia made up of ethnic Albanians

18) Deng Xiaoping

Chinese ruler that adopted
Capitalist ideas to reform the economy of Communist


19) Four Modernizations

Reform movement that
incorporated Capitalist ideals in Communist China

20) Tiananmen Square

Public area in Beijing, China
where a Chinese student protest was staged

21) Genetic

human manipulation
of an organism's
genetic code
using modern DNA

22) Green Revolution

Agricultural campaign to increase
food production worldwide by using modern techniques

23) Sustainable Growth

Meeting current economic needs
while preserving the environment and conserving resources
for future generation

24) Ozone layer

layer of the atmosphere that protects the
Earth from the
un’s damaging ultraviolent rays

25)Nuclear Proliferation

Spread of Nuclear weapons or
technology to other countries

26) SALT Treaty

Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty that
limited the amount of nuclear weapons

27) Free Trade

the elimination of trade barriers

28) Global Economy
Financial interactions that cross
international borders

29) Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Rights standards set by the United Nations