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Biometric Security
Biometric authentication solution for enterprises that transcends
current systems by operating on all web applications

A US based company providing network security
management devices

Leader in providing biometric security software
systems to financial services, healthcare, and
government sectors

Fingerprint Biometrics device a high-tech
solution for commercial time attendance and
access control system

Integration with the legacy system

Testing methodology to check multiple
server and database support

Enable standard SMTP password

Stringent deadline to upgrade solution
capabilities with a steep learning curve

Scattered and incorrect documentation
WhiteHedge Solution

Re-engineered specific component architecture to create a robust application with good performance
and integration capabilities

Testing of application on various application servers and databases such as TomCat-SQL , WebLogic-
Oracle , WebSphere-DB2 to confirm solution’s usability and application support

Build source code of the product to offer end-to-end solution

JMeter used for functional testing

Pathnames resized for New Technology File System(NTFS) to ensure smooth back up for project

Value Addition

Upgraded the solution with high performance

Implemented Agile methodology to reduce cost

Integrated with different legacy system with ability
to support existing business process

Corrected and delivered structured documentation
for project related processes for future use

Aligned business as well as technical requirements
resulting in extended relationship

Technology Enhancements

Java JDK 1.5, Struts, JSP, AJAX, Tomcat
5.5, WebLogic 10.2, and WebSphere 6

SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, and DB2

InstallSheild 12, JMeter, Serena
ChangeMan Version Manager, Eclipse 3.1,
JBuilder, and JUnit
WhiteHedge applied Service Oriented
Architecture for outsourced product
development lead to major transformation
at the enterprise-level fingerprint network
security system. WhiteHedge committed
approach on producing high-end solutions
was detrimental to sound business
relations with the client.
Biometric Security