Fujitsu Adds Biometric Authentication to Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite


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23 September 2010
Fujitsu PalmSecure
By: Sorin Nita, Gadgets Editor
Fujitsu Adds Biometric Authentication to Oracle Enterprise Single
Sign-On Suite
Since we live in a world
where every single bit of information is kept in a digital form
companies have to come with new and easy to use security methods in
order to lock data from prying eyes, Fujitsu just announcing the
integration of its PalmSecure biometric authentication technology
with the Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite.
What this basically means
is that users no longer have to remember complex passwords or carry
all sort of SmartCards around with them, the Fujitsu PalmSecure
identifying users by their palm vein pattern, while the Oracle
Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite gives them access to a wide range of
the company's resources including desktops, client-server, custom,
and host-based mainframe applications.
"Despite heightened
awareness about security mandates, massive data breaches continue to
impact organizations across all industries. As a result, we have seen
continued growth in
deploying biometric authentication
to help
companies bolster their identity and access management capabilities,"
said Vic Herring, vice president of sales and marketing,
Frontech North America.
"The integration of the
PalmSecure technology and the Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite
provides enterprises with a robust, cost-effective solution to

enhance security
while streamlining password management processes and
increasing productivity."
I am sure that a lot of
employees working in large enterprises that use complex
authentication methods will rejoice after hearing this news, although
I am not sure how many companies will actually use this technology as part of their identity
management solutions.
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