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Biotechnology & Microbiology Automation Solutions
Live Web hosted product demonstrations
High level of customer and technical support
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Features and benefits
Economy and & simplicity
Excellent trapping of vapors
Flexibility in sample capacity
Rapid and efficient concentration

The brand ScanVac has evolved from the former Heto A/S successful product line
and is synonymous with the world’s best in Freeze Drying, Vacuum Concentration and
Cold Traps.

This line of products includes a range of small and large capacity Freeze Dryers &
Cold Traps offering faster drying speeds, lowest temperatures (compared to other
freeze dryers on the market), easy maintenance free operation and a wide range of
chambers and accessories. High performance, environmentally friendly, convenience,
comfort and economical are key words in describing this product line.

The line includes nine bench top models, offered with either -55 ºC or -110 ºC
condenser temperatures and 4, 9 or 15 liter capacities. Also available, are 2 floor
standing models, offered with either -55 ºC or -90 ºC condenser temperatures and 80
liter capacity. Units are available as Basic models or PRO versions with full
microprocessor programming for time, temperature and pressure for optional pressure
regulation, documentation or computer control.

The ScanVac family of Vacuum Concentrators enables easy and reproducible
concentration of biological samples. These modular systems are comprised of the
small capacity ScanSpeed Mini-Vac and the larger capacity ScanSpeed Maxi-Vac
vacuum centrifuges, CoolSafe Cold Traps, the VacSafe vacuum pump and trolley/rack
for full integration and convenience. Freeze drying can also be performed with these
combinations, thus creating a truly versatile combination for today’s bio-scientist.
Teflon coating is available for HCl and TFA applications.

Seamless condenser and cooling
coil outside the condenser with no
seams or joints allows longer life
easier cleanin
faster dr
Large Selection
Of rotors
Easy to read and
ram dis

Features and benefits
Economy and convenience
Quiet operation utilizing a high torque AC induction motor to Noise level lower than 60 dB
A unique design of air flow in non-refrigerated centrifuges protects samples from over-heating even at high
Easy-to-follow display and control panel
Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
Automatic detection with alarms for over-weight, over-speed, and over-heating
Safety lid-lock and lid-drop protection
Emergency door lock release (in case of power failure)
Autoclaveable and corrosion-resistant rotors, with symmetrically numbered tube positions for easy loading
High-quality cabinet finished in a scratch resistant powder coating
Manufactured and tested according to the IEC 61010-20020 standards and regulations

ScanSpeed is an innovative range of laboratory scale Micro- and Multi-purpose bench
top air-cooled or refrigerated low and high speed centrifuges

Gel Documentation & Analysis
A complete range of gel doc systems for support of white light, fluorescent, and chemiluminescent applications for 1D and 2D
analysis. Gel documentation is at the forefront of molecular biology research. Made by DNR Bio-Imaging Systems, our high
quality bio-imaging systems deliver excellent results in all types of applications and conditions. DNR Bio-Imaging Systems Ltd.
was established in 1993 to meet the needs of the biotech industry. Since then, DNR has become one of the world's leading
manufacturers of gel documentation and analysis equipment for the molecular biology research community. For years, DNR
systems products were distributed by Key companies such as Fuji-Film, Pharmacia, Amersham and others, under OEM
arrangements, resulting in hundreds of units installed in the field, with a highly satisfied customer base.
DNR's wide range of reliable, high-quality transilluminators are available in standard and mini sizes to help make the most of the
laboratory bench top. With its small footprint and ability to work with a wide variety of gels, DNR's transilluminators are a cost
effective must-have for today's life science researcher.
DNR's unique illumination source is specially designed to support applications using a wide range of biological excitation

Acquisition & Analysis Software
Gel analysis software and the most up-to-date versions of our image acquisition software for all DNR bio-imaging systems.
Choosing the right system for your specific lab needs is key! Consider these points:
 Are you interested in a small unit for personal use, or a larger unit for departmental/interdepartmental use?
 What size gels do you intend to work with?
 What applications do you need? UV, Epi, Chemiluminescence, Bioluminescence, HepaLED?
Features and benefits
Wide range of Imaging systems
High resolution cameras
Easy to operate and program
Safety features to assure safe operation
Increases lab productivity using automation

The new Biotool Swiss LabFlame is optimized for the use in microbiology
Its stainless steel housing is made of one piece, free of any gaps or rims and
therefore easy to clean and fully UV resistant. Its optimized air-flow system allows
a uniform and constant flame even in safety cabinets with
horizontal or vertical air flow.
Connects to any type of gas source.

When safety matters...
LabFlame automatically cuts the gas supply after every flame extinguishes and
checks the burner temperature.

When gas consumption matters...
LabFlame cuts the gas after each loop annealing and starts straight with the
timal flame sha
Features and benefits
Rapid & precise ignition for fast loop annealing
Uniform & constant flame for perfect bottle neck sterilization
Safety cabinet qualified due to optimized air flow support
Hands free operation with foot-switch or touch free IR-sensor ignition

The greatest benefit of the LabFlame is safety. We no longer have to worry about a burner that has
been left burning or one that has an undetected gas leak. The IR start and stop solved these issues. We
also don’t have to worry about flint strikers, matches, and gas clouds forming as students attempt to light
the burners. Students are just starting to use them. It does take a little while to get the hang of it, but it is
my belief that once they are fully integrated into our lab, no one will want to go back to the manual

Joel Watkins, Laboratory Coordinator,

LabFlame IR

Annealing without Flame!
The electrical sterilization system e-Loop is most suitable for the sterilization of inoculation
loops, needles and instruments. It is ideal for laboratories and safety cabinets where the use of
gases and open flames is not permitted.
Robust and temperature-shock resistant
The sterilizing tube, which is made of wear-resistant quartz glass, reaches its optimal
temperature of 900°C (1650°F) after only a few minutes. To sterilize the inoculation loop simply
insert it into the quartz tube. After 5-7 seconds, the inoculation loop is sterilized. A spray
protector is integrated for additional safety when handling pathogenic material. Even clogging is
not an issue. Any residue remaining on the smooth surface of the quartz tube can be removed
easily. A 100% stainless steel design makes the e-Loop resistant to even the most extreme
laboratory conditions
Flexible and safe
The sterilization tube can lock itself into place, using the specially designed angular adjusting
device. The low and stable housing facilitates ergonomic operation; the unique design protects
the working surface from contamination. Exceptional passive safety feature: After prolonged
use, the residual heat display signals a hot surface of the sterilization tube in order to protect
the user from burns.

Features and benefits
No downtime required for disinfection
No risk of cross contamination with micro syringes
High precision through monitoring of all 6 zones of spreading on the plate
Direct and quick transition from validated existing outdated equipment, with pre-programmed spreading patterns

The Eddy Jet Spiral Plater is a fully programmable spiral inoculation instrument with accuracy and
reproducibility of greater than 99%. The Eddy Jet Spiral Plater uses a patented gamma-irradiated disposable
micro-syringe for each new sample, eliminating cross-contamination and the need for a vacuum source or
washing steps.

Since the samples come in contact only with the disposable low cost micro-syringe throughout the process,
there is absolutely no risk of carryover of the sample or of decontamination chemicals, such as hypochlorite.

The tips are supplied with fully traceable quality control documentation. These sterile, precise micro-syringes
are your keys to confidence that you’ll get an accurate inoculation and no contamination on every plate that you
process with the Eddy Jet Spiral Plater.

Significant savings can be made in material costs and workers’ time by using the Eddy Jet Spiral Plater. Plates
are processed in well under 1 minute; no time consuming decontamination cycle; no time consuming
preparation and replacement of decontamination chemical solutions; no time consuming maintenance of a
vacuum pumping system; no down time due to vacuum failure.

Highest precision & Accuracy

High confidence in results


Very dependable

Preprogrammed modes

Extremely easy to use

Decontamination cycle

Concerns about carryover

Chemical/bleach solutions

Noisy vacuum pump

Vacuum failure down time
We recently switched from another brand of spiral plater to the Eddy Jet. While doing our correlation
study we ran both units simultaneously and quickly noticed that we were starting the 3
sample on the
Eddy Jet while the 1
sample finished on the other brand. With our sample volume, this equates to a
significant time savings

Dustin Morgenroth, SA Lab Manager Food Safety Net Services

Compare our Eddy Jet to other Spiral platers

Eddy jet Others
Disposable Irradiated syringe √ X
No Nozzle that tends to clog √ X
No risk of cross-contamination √ X
No need to prepare fresh bleach / water solution each day √ X
No risk of false results √ X
No decontamination cycle √ X
No Noisy vacuum pump √ X
Reproducibility / Accuracy ±1% ?

Features and benefits
The only flexible colony counter that can grow with your needs
Single push button triggers instant count
Counts Pour, Spread and Spiral plates, filter & 3M Petrifilm
Advanced colony separation & classification technique options
Data transfer to MS Excel, MS Access and Oracle
LED lighting ensures optimum contrast between colonies and
Neutec Group introduces The Flash & Grow - The first automated colony counter that grows and adapts to your specific micro lab needs. It
can be upgraded at any time to fit the level of automation, security and features required.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, the Flash & Grow colony counting system has been installed in a variety of Microbiology laboratories such
as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech and Educational Research, among others.

Modern LED illumination, combined with a smart but user friendly colony counting software
(installed on Windows Vista or any XP Based computer) together with a high resolution camera,
makes for a powerful, yet affordable automatic colony counting system.

The Flash & Grow counts the majority of colonies on the various media. It’s high resolution color
camera can detect and count colonies as small as 1/450 inch (0.07mm).

The new patented illumination device enables processing of any media type
including transparent, opaque or even chromogenic agars.

The “Flash & Grow” automated colony counter modular approach enables laboratories to automate
their colony counting processes, inhibition zone Measuring and upgrade to a higher level of
sophistication as necessary and within a budget.

The “Flash & Grow” automatic colony counter represents a real alternative to manual colony
counting with its user friendly colony counting & inhibition zone Measuring software,
roducible and accurate results
and affordable
The Flash and Grow automatic colony counter has been working out great. It is saving us a lot of time and also saving
our eye sight since we don't have to count all the colonies ourselves. In addition, the training provided at installation time
was excellent

Bridget Pellicano. , Suffolk county water authority, NY
Basic model
Automatic counting
of Pour, Spread and
Spiral plates, Filters
& 3M Petrifilm with
one single button in
1 second.
Customization of colony
Discrimination to cope with
particles and to guarantee
accurate counts based on
size sensitivity, shape and
User permission
Administration of
different user
security and
permission levels
Advance process
recognition of a plate
and application of
the correct reading
protocol by barcode
Zone sizing
For inhibition zone
Robotic capabilities
When connected to
a Plate Handler
Computer & flat screen with installed software
Touch screen Notebook
Tablet PC
with installed software
Features and benefits
High sterility at pouring area due to well positioned UV light (w. safety switch)
Easy cleaning process due to ergonomic design and easy access
System utilizes readily available beveled edge / automation plates
Anti-Drop, drip suppression by retraction of pump movement
Easy to use software operates with a touch screen
Pump offers adjustable flow rates
Dual head pump for smoother liquid / agar filling
Fits any bench space due to a small foot print
Backlit graphics display for easy reading
Neutec Group is pleased to offer innovative Agar Plate Fillers / Media Preparation systems by Biotool Swiss. This new series of agar fillers
and media Preparators offers state of the art technology that includes optional text/bar code printing on every plate and programmable dish
height stacking. Touch screen programming is standard on every Biotool instrument. It incorporates easy to follow menu instructions so the
user does not need a Manual. Backlit graphic display for perfect read-off. Automatic device self-diagnosis ensures that the system is ready
for operation even before the process is started.
PetriSwiss Mini PS 20, what an agar
filler time saver. Just push a button and
walk away. It couldn't be easier, and it has
the flexibility to adapt to any situation

John Blizard, College of Southern Nevada
This new filler offers state of the art agar filling technology and includes: user selected
dish height stacking, and touch screen. This system was designed to be much more
flexible and reliable versus carrousel fillers. The units are user friendly and engineered
for batch or continuous operation with minimal down time.
Pouring capacity of up to 1,000 plates per hour, every hour!
The Petri dish is transported from station to station. Feeding and filling in UV lit
chamber, media smoothing, stacking with heights determined by the operator.
Jet printer option available upon request
The PS20 offers state of the art agar filling technology in a small footprint with a
touch screen. This system was designed to be much more flexible and reliable
versus carrousel fillers. The unit is user friendly and engineered for a batch of 20
plates per cycle (2 minutes) or continuous operation with minimal down time.

The PS20 fills 20 dishes directly in the Petri rack. No need for manual stacking at
either end of the process. This is a unique laboratory solution that was developed for
small to medium size labs with the need for a compact, flexible filling unit. It is ideal
for pouring small or special-purpose agar batches.

Now compatible with: 90mm and 60mm plate diameters and 15 and 25mm
deep plates !
This new pump series offers state of the art technology suitable for various applications for liquid
dispensing and agar filling.

These innovations include: touch screen, Anti-drop and dual head pump.

The Dosi-pump systems were designed to be flexible and reliable versus current pumps on the
The duel head pump design assures smooth and accurate dispensing of agar and other liquids with no
ulsation or bubble creation
Features and benefits
Prepares agar from 0.5 up to 9 liters (PC10) and 16 liters (PC20), stirred and temperature controlled
Vessel access is amazingly simple - no bolts or tools required
Stores up to 3 * 20 user-defined programs (single or double cycle programs)
Water jacket design enables even heating within the vessel
Fully controlled stirrer with variable speeds and enhanced magnetic coupling w/o seals or shafts
PT100 controlled temperature probe for agar & surrounding water jacket
Multiple purpose (agar preparation, bench top autoclave and stable water bath)
Delayed start function enabling Agar pouring at work starting point
Unique atmospheric pressure measures and boiling point correction for reliable sterilization
BioTool’s Proficlave line of media preparation sterilizers prepare up to 9 liters (PC10) or up to 16 liters
(PC20) of plain or complex vitamin / blood added agar formulations, easier and faster than ever.
Enhanced user programming capabilities (3 * 20 programs), operating parameter print-out (integrated
in front panel), external control functions (front panel connection), best stirring control and full metal
housing makes the Proficlave the best media preparator in its class! It accurately maintains the proper
temperature of the agar in every stage of the single or double cycle process and even for up to 8 hours
in the dispensing stage, making sure that the media has been properly prepared and stirred.
Equipped with intuitive, intelligent software, accessible via a convenient touch screen, learning to use
the Proficlave systems is fast and easy. Drawing upon many years of experience on the needs of
laboratories and through consultation with leading researchers, Biotool AG has developed a new
generation of high quality media sterilizers with enhanced performance and reliability to accelerate the
workflow in your laboratory.
The new Biotool Swiss PetriSphere Gas-System consists of a microprocessor-based
controller connected with a diaphragm vacuum pump and a nitrogen gas reservoir. The
level of vacuum, the gas exchange pressure and the number of cycles can be
programmed at the keypad of the controller. By simply pressing the start button the
process starts and then runs automatically.

The container will be evacuated to the pressure required, vented with the reaction gas
connected to the system and cycled the pre-programmed number of times automatically.
No additional chemicals are needed to create an anaerobic atmosphere

The PetriSphere system is cost-saving and easy to use. Special click-connectors provide
convenient, safe and time-saving operation.
The Petrisphere allows me to perform experiments under reproducible conditions that would otherwise be prohibitively
expensive if run in anaerobic glove box. The machine itself is highly portable and easy to maneuver.

Janette Abramowitz, Adnexus Therapeutics
Features and benefits
Reliable - Reproducible, controlled conditions
Fast micro-aerophillic and anaerobic conditions
Improves recovery of oxygen sensitive organisms
Flexible - Optimal conditions can be created for each culture and each separate jar
Extend capacity simply by adding more jars
Ease of use and programming

The Smart Dilutor is specifically designed for the dilution of solid, semi-solid, or paste types of microbiological samples directly into
sterile homogenizer bags.
Since these types of samples require a gravimetric type of dilution process, the Smart Dilutor has an integrated balance at the heart of
the system. The operator simply places an unknown amount of sample in a sterile bag and the unit takes an initial weight of the sample,
then the operator moves the lever and the microprocessor dispenses an amount of diluents by weight, to achieve the programmed
dilution ratio. The system constantly monitors the weight in the sample bag to achieve a highly accurate dilution result.
Once the programmed dilution ratio has been reached, the system notifies the operator that the process has finished.

The software also allows the instrument to be used as a dispensing device for a previously determined quantity of a liquid into any kind
of container.

Features and benefits
Economy and convenience
Multiple pumps models available (1,2,5,6)
Flexibility in the sample weight
Extremely rapid dilutions / Dispensing
Increases lab productivity using automation
Smart Dilutor
Single head pump
Two headed pump
The Smart Diluter has been very helpful and beneficial to our lab on a daily basis!
By using the 3 Liter bags, the Smart diluter has saved our workers tremendous time
and energy by allowing us to focus on the important micro work as opposed to
spending time making and autoclaving dilution bottles

Matthew d. Belcher, Lab coordinator, J.M. Smucker Company
Family of reciprocating paddle lab Blender / bag homogenizer mixers.

Used for solid and semisolid samples by applying pressure to samples within sterile, disposable
bags (our Masticator mixers accommodate most commercially available sterile bags!), with
unique metal spring paddle action.
Homogenization is produced through a combination of crushing and stirring, bringing out seated
organisms from tissues, organs, powders, creams, ointments, etc. and removing organisms
from swabs, tissue biopsies, filters, fecal samples and more.
Features and benefits
Compact size, economical cost
Choice of digital or analog timer
Long tradition of reliability and robustness
Use of metal springs to move the paddles and not a belt
Long life assured by a 3 years manufacturer warranty
Small bench space required due to its narrow design
Viewing window option (panoramic models) for better monitoring of sample condition
Basic (Analog) Catalog .471
Basic panoramic (Analog with Window) Catalog .477
Silver (Digital) Catalog.461
Silver Panoramic (Digital with Window) Catalog .522
We recently bought our 3rd Masticator. After buying the 1st one several years ago, we compared it with a
competitive product that we already had. The Masticator was much easier to use. Additionally, we found that when we
needed service, Neutec provided a much higher level of support
than the
other company. It's just easier all the way

Microbiology Lab Manager, commercial testing laboratory, Midwest.

Microbial air sampling devices are widely used in Pharmaceutical and
Personal care industries as well as Food, Beverage and Environmental
applications. Additionally, a regulation for compounding pharmacies,
USP797 is requiring active air sampling in the level 5 and above areas. IUL
Instruments has established market acceptance for a novel device for
microbial air sampling. The SPIN AIR has taken the air sampling process to
a new level with clear advantages for the user.
You can choose from 3 available models based on the features you need
(see table below). A Wide range of accessories is offered including 60mm
adaptors and Rodac plates adaptor made out of a choice of materials
(Aluminum and plastic), bar code reader, tripod and more.

Features and benefits
A unique rotating plate holder for even surface spread of micro organisms (Except the
Basic Air model)
Sampling by volume (not timed) for higher accuracy and reproducibility
Utilizes standard 60mm or 90mm agar plates which are easy to find and inexpensive
Rechargeable battery operated for remote sampling
Delayed activation mode to avoid the collector’s contamination contribution
Optional duplicate simultaneous sampling with a low cost daughter unit (Spin Air model
Bar code connectivity for faster easier collection of sample, location and user information
(Spin Air Model)
Wide range of adaptors and accessories plastic and aluminum choices in 60mm, 90mm
and Rodac sizes

Spin Air

We bought the Spin Air to comply with USP797 and it is working real well for us. It’s so easy
to use, we sample the 1
Tuesday of every month

Arkansas Heart Hospital
Features / Model Spin Air Spin Air Basic Basic Air
ir Volume ( 0 - 9999 L )
√ √ √
ir Flow (100 l/m - 60 l/m )
√ √ √
Transformer (100-240VAC To 12VDC)
√ √ √
Battery Pack (Ni Metal Hydride 7.2V )
√ √ √
Battery Range (8 hour of operation)
√ √ √
Control (Microprocessor)
√ √ √
Rotation Speed (0, 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 RPM)
√ √
No rotation
Hard side, molded carry case

- -
RS 232 connection ( PC / Printer, XML , CSV)

- -
Bar Code Connection (IUL Bar Code Device)

- -
Connectivity to 2nd unit

- -
Supplied with 90mm plate holder and cover Aluminum Aluminum Plastic
Weight 3.6 lbs 3 lbs 2.15 lbs
Basic Spin Air

200 Central Ave, Farmingdale NY 11735
Tel: +1-(516) 870-0877, Toll Free (888) 810 5179, Fax: +1-(516) 977- 3774
Features and benefits
Optimal performance at an economical price
Stainless steel container holder can be easily removed and cleaned
No risk to the electronic components due to their elevated position
Quick pump to empty the rinse water bath (optional)
10 programs, each with 10 positions
20 slides capacity per basket
IUL Instruments engineering team has recently developed a novel device for automatic staining of

A programmable Microbiology and histology staining instrument, the Poly Stainer, will reduce the
technologist bench time significantly. The constant rinse cycle eliminates cross contamination,
producing a standardized, clear stained film.

The Poly Stainer is suitable for batch or stat operation.

With memory capacity of 10 programs, each with 10 different positions, most manual staining
processes can be automated on the Poly Stainer. It will increase your lab productivity and provide
standardized, high quality results.
The Poly Stainer can automate just
about any manual staining process.
Some examples are:

Gram stain

Acid Fast


Wright's stain

Reticulocyte stain

Bone Marrow staining

Gram Positive

Gram Negative
The Ideal and economical manual colony
counter for all microbiology applications, the
IUL colony counter family provides fast and
easy counting of colonies.
With a digital readout of 0 to 9999, the IUL
User-friendly colony counter can count
Spread/pour plates or Spiral Plates with
easy to change grids by pressing the
marker/pen to the plate, marking the plate
and producing an audible "beep" that
confirms the count has been registered in the
digital readout. In order to maximize the read-
out resolution, this manual colony counter is
supplied with 2 color grids, black and white.

It also features a height adjustable magnifying
glass that can be equipped with an additional
light source (Optional).
The Haloes Calipe
Zone Reader semi-
automates one of the most tedious, time
consuming tasks in your lab, the
measurement of zones of inhibition performed
during the testing of antibiotics.

A magnified image makes this semi-automatic
measurement of the diameter for zones of
inhibition easy to use
The procedure consists of pressing the
setting to zero (tare) at the starting point of
the antibiotic disk and by means of a
precision dial, the Petri dish is moved to the
opposite side of the zone while measuring the
“traveled” distance in mm.

The Haloes Caliper helps you provide fast,
reproducible, quantitative results for zone
inhibition antibiotic measurements.