JavaTM Web Services Programming

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JavaTM Web Services Programming

- A must have for any serious Java developer, this title enables readers to build web services for next-
generation applications with Sun's new Web Services pack for Java 2.
- Web services are the future of web application development
- Web services are a crucial element in emerging platforms from Sun, Microsoft, IBM, HP and others
- Covers building web services with Sun's Web Services pack
- Leading software development tool vendors, including Borland Software Corp., Oracle Corp. and WebGain
Inc., as well as Sun's ForteTM tools group, plan to integrate the Web Services Pack into their Java IDEs
- Written by Java developers at leading technology training company NIIT USA.
Part 1: Introduction to Web Services.
Chapter 1: Web Services Architecture.
Part II: Web Services Technology Stack.
Chapter 2: XML.
Chapter 3: WSDL.
Chapter 4: SOAP.
Chapter 5: UDDI.
Part III: The Java Web Services Architecture.
Chapter 6: Introduction to JavaServer
Pages and Java Servlets.
Chapter 7: J2EE and Web Services.
Chapter 8: JAXP.
Chapter 9: JAXB.
Chapter 10: JAXM.
Chapter 11: JAX-RPC.
Chapter 12: JAXR.
Chapter 13: JSTL.
Part IV: Appendixes.
Appendix A: WSDL Basics.
Appendix B: SOAP Fundamentals.
Appendix C: Fundamentals of UDDI Version 2.0 Programmer's API.
Appendix D: XML Primer.

Appendix E: Java WSDP.
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