Myeconlab Website for Parkin and Bade's Macroeconomics


28 oct. 2013 (il y a 5 années et 3 mois)

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Myeconlab Website for Parkin and Bade’s Macroeconomics


The text package includes a cardboard insert called Myeconlab.


“Myeconlab” will allow you to link to

textbook publisher’s website that contains

some support materials.


I will

be givi
ng assignments or tests through the Myeconlab website (though it

appears possible to do so) but you will find some useful study aids on the site.


To access the website either:

(a) go to my website for this course at:

and click the link to



; or

(b) go directly to the Myeconlab site for your text at:

(NOTE: the last word in this address should be “macroeconomics” NOT



Once on the page for “Macroeconomics” scroll down the page until you see the

ter with ID” button. Click to register. Enter the requested information

(access code from the cardboard insert, Lakehead’s postal code: P7B5E1,

country). Click next. You will now be prompted for the course ID which is:


(enter it then c
lick next).

Enter the rest of the requested information (create a user ID, password, etc.).

You will now have an ID and password that you can use to access the website



Once you have an ID and password you can access the textbook resources

by going to

the course website above and clicking “Log in with ID”. On the Course Compass
page click on Log
in for students. Then enter your ID and password. This will
get you to the text website.


Once on the text website click on the icon: EC

on the upper left part of the screen. This will connect you to the main page for

your text. Explore around and see what resources are available.


Useful resources?


Click on “Chapter Resources” on the left menu of the main

page. Scroll down

and then click on a Chapter number (any chapter).


You will now have a page listing (and linking to) resources for that



Notice especially:


Answers to the Odd
Numbered Problems in your text.


The “eStudy
Guide” for the chapter. This electronic study guide

provides summaries of the chapter’s main points and

questions on the material. You may find the multiple

choice questions useful in helping to prepare for tests.


Practice Tests. These may be u
seful in helping you study the

material and prepare for tests.


Powerpoint slide summary for each chapter: may be useful for



There is even an e
version of the text for the chapter: note

however that it is very memory intensive!


te that I will not be assigning homework or posting marks

through this site.