International Vehicle Shipping Companies


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Your vehicle will be picked up at your door by a flat-bed or direct by multiple car carrier. Pickup times are pre-arranged, generally within 12-24 hours in advance. Deliveries are made to the door at your specified destination. Scheduling deliveries is the same as pickup. Typical transit times are quoted, A+ insurance provided at no additional cost.

International Vehicle Shipping Companies

Metti International is a bonded freight broker specializing in
auto transportation
car shipping

. As a professional auto transportation company, Metti International has been helping

clients to move their valuable

vehicles with special care to their respective destinations on time.

Our strong business presence in the car shipping industry gives us the confidence to choose the best and
affordable auto shipping carriers for you. While se
lecting the best auto transporters, we ensure that the auto
carriers we choose have a rating of at least 95%. Also, we have contacts with

over 35000 drivers and 5000
auto transporters.

First and foremost we ensure that the vehicle to be used for transporting our clients’ possessions
is fully insured.

The next important step is to make sure that the car shipping comp
any that we have selected for
you meets your budget requirements.

At Metti International, we offer various choices to transport your vehicle safely. The open carriers
are meant for cost
effective vehicle transportation and the enclosed carriers can be hir
ed to
safeguard the luxurious and high end vehicles.

Located in the San Diego area, Metti International also transports the vehicles to international destinations
in Australia, Europe, major parts of Asia and the Middle East. Within the United

States, Met
International transports to

the lower

forty eight states, Hawaii and Alaska. Along with San Diego, some
other main areas of operation of Metti International are
El Cajon
La Mesa

Spring Valley

We offer Open Carriers, Enclosed Carriers and Ocean Carriers for
Car Transportation services
. For the
international shipping, the Roll
Off (RoRo) service is available on the vessels.

Metti International is a registered Central Dispatch Member since 2007. It has also got the BBB
ditation on the basis of the services provided.






Your vehicle is transported on an open car ca
rrier (similar to the ones used to deliver new cars from the
manufacturer to the dealers). Your vehicle will be picked up at your door by a flat
bed or direct by multiple
car carrier. Pickup times are pre
arranged, generally within 12
24 hours in advance.
Deliveries are made to
the door at your specified destination. Scheduling deliveries is the same as pickup. Typical transit times are
quoted, A+ insurance provided at no additional cost.



Your vehicle will be transported on an o
pen car carrier. Guaranteed delivery times are quoted at additional
cost. A+ insurance provided at no additional cost.



Your vehicle will be transported on a completely enclosed trailer designed to transport classic automobiles,
prototypes or

vehicles that cannot be exposed to inclement weather. Typical transit times are quoted, A+
rated insurance provided at no additional cost.

Overseas Shipping

Air and Surface provided to our customers who need to transport their vehicle(s) anywhere in the world.

Auto Moving and Shipping Company in La Mesa

La Mesa is Spanish for "the table" or "the plateau" and is called thi
s because of its geographical layout.
Located in San Diego County, La Mesa incorporated in 1912. With a population over 57,000 residences,
La Mesa is known for its wonderful Oktoberfest celebration. La Mesa also boasts, "Back to the 50s Car
Show" and "La M
esa Walk of the Stars".

La Mesa also has a quaint downtown area that hosts antique shops, restaurants and a trolley train for easy
pedestrian access.

La Mesa has always been a business friendly city and that is why Metti International Vehicle Transport

car shipping company ships so many vehicles from this Jewel of East County.

Metti International is located next to La Mesa and has been able to benefit from its location. As a car
shipping company, Metti International has a solid record of customer satisf
action for timely deliveries and
customer care.

Metti International offers a wide range of vehicle transport services. Open carriers for most moves and
enclosed carriers for that very special vehicle. They also offer transport to Hawaii, Alaska and most
unties via ocean shipping.

Calling Metti International is your best first step for transporting your vehicle. You will find the staff
friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking. They take pride in making sure your vehicle is transported
safely and within the
time, you require.

Therefore, if you are planning to look into Car Shipping, please give us a call, we are there to help.

About Us

Since 1993, Metti International’s staff has satisfied their clients by succe
ssfully managing their shipping
needs. From providing reliable and speedy service to finding the most competitive prices, our expert team
is eager to answer questions and is dedicated to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

While competing compa
nies may require you to conform to their schedule, Metti International makes
every effort to accommodate your needs and at the times you prefer best. As a licensed and bonded
company, we choose experienced transporters to assure that your vehicle is proper
ly and safely delivered.
To better serve our customers, we offer door
door services, provide overseas and international
shipping, accept most major credit cards and various payment types, and work until our customers’
requests are fulfilled. Look no fur
ther, Metti International is at your service!

Auto Dealers

We at Metti International have become an
important tool for Car Dealers throughout North

Canada and throughout the United
States we have been assisting dealers move the
hicles they purchased from auctions, other
dealers and private persons. Whether you need a
vehicle delivered to you or to one of your
customers who purchased online, we are there to

fill in t
he Quote form

and let us give you a free quote and help you look good to your customers.

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